Tokyo Olympics A Bonanza For Promotional Product

The Tokyo Olympics have proven to be a bonanza for promotional products. Companies far and wide have use them to link their business to the games. In Japan itself they have been an integral part of the marketing surrounding the games. It is not only the games Olympic mascots which have been prominent. In fact this Olympics has seen the largest advertising spend in the history of the games. It is not surprising considering that the majority of the major companies in both Japan and the world have jumped on the bandwagon.

Promotional Merchandise Mainstay of Olympics

Promotional merchandise has always been a mainstay of the Olympic tradition. Every country and event has some kind of branding that they want to promote as part of their participation. Every single Olympics in the modern era has had a mascot of some sort. Countries also like to get their colours out there for which promotional products play a key role. It is no surprise that these games have been no different.

New Sports Offer New Opportunities

The Tokyo Olympics will be as much remember for taking place during a global pandemic as they will for how many new sport were introduced. At no point in the modern era have so any sports been introduced to the games. This year they have introduced karate, skate boarding, and surfing to name a few. It has truly proven to be an exiting time for the games. All these new games have offered new opportunities for advertisers which has included promotional products. Especially in the realm of custom apparel there have been major opportunities for custom branding and cross promotions.

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How Promotional Products Present Best Rewards in Marketing Campaign

Increasing brand awareness or recognition is the objective for businesses, big and small. Making your brand stay in the customers’ minds, both existing and prospective and stand out from the competitors. Becoming creative with your advertising is one of the strategies. The following are reasons promotional products reap such great rewards for your marketing campaign.


Honour your customers and establish relationships with your leads by choosing promotional products

Giving out branded merchandise will be able to set the steps in place to develop relationships with a current client. Giving a promotional item demonstrates that you are a unique and interesting brand which rewards your brand identity. Consumers get enthusiastic about a brand once their emotions are induced. This is sentimental reaction could be utilized in a wide variety of different advertising sources such as branded products which is a very good way to treat a customer. Whether a brand is ambitious or imaginative, freebies will generate a fan base with intense levels of dedication.


Having a good relationship with your customers will pay in the long run

Developing intense substantial connections with your customers is an excellence that will make sure your company will benefit in the long run. Customers recognise that when companies try and construct substantial relationships with their customers they are more inclined to recommend their family and friends to that particular brand. This could be very beneficial for your company in the longer term.


Displaying a commitment to current customers heads to strong customer retention

When you show commitment to present customers, this can have powerful business results. Offering current customers with personalized, real merchandise is a very efficient way to keep them fascinated in your brand. The primary advantage to these final results is that you can concentrate on current customers.  This can significantly boost your return on investment.


Marketing with the use of promotional merchandise is an affordable marketing strategy

Promotional products is economical when viewed in terms of perceptions (a perception is a single thought of a certain advertisement) as opposed to other types of advertising media. Branded products has a reduced cost per impression in comparison to traditional forms of advertisements. These include television, newspaper as well as magazine advertisements. Old-fashioned advertising is frequently indirect and passive to particular users. The advantage of specialised products is that the branded merchandise can usually have a much more dynamic interaction with consumers.


Gain sales and increase leads 

Promotional products have been found to make a long-lasting impression on current and prospective customers helping to establish newer sales and leads. Nearly fifty per cent success rate of promotional products. This suggests that when a promotional item has actually drives people to do things like go on a website or get in touch with the company for some information, which means promotional products offer greater results compared to conventional sorts of advertising such as radio and television.


Take advantage of the power of free gifts to make staff members recognize your company’s commitment towards them and make sure that you get your promotional products to form manufacturer and supplier of premium promotional products in the market that you can rely on

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Promotional Products Marketing Campaign

The Effectiveness of Office Promotional Products

In case you have been wondering whether office products still actually do what they are intended to do in terms of continuous promotion. Keep on reading to find out the techniques you are recommended to look at to determine success. This is where the effectiveness of promotional products comes in.

Stats About Promo Products

From personalized stationery and technology to confectionery and unique products, Promotional Merchandise continues to be one of the most effective and creative kinds of marketing. Best suited for distribution at functions or through street marketing and advertising as well as postal strategies, promotional products provide businesses with a chance to be connected with a selected audience and leave a long-lasting impression. Research proposed that around 89% of the customers can remember the name of a company or business for more than a year because they receive a promotional product from the company.

Low-Cost Marketing

Promotional goods are a very affordable way to advertise at scale. The majority of businesses are not aware of how much money they could save investing in products in volume. The notion of an advanced item such as table awards or computer add-ons is that they are very expensive. This is not the situation, particularly anytime you are doing business with a reputable company that offers promotional products

Office promotional goods work mainly because you can play the figures game. Considering the worth for every unit is low when you are buying in bulk from the right promo company. You can distribute your message around a bit much more compared to other marketing techniques.

High Brand Recognition

An essential advantage of distributing practical every-day products that bring company branding is that these products will be regularly used by recipients on a regular basis. This means that the products you spread will generate exposure or coverage on a frequent basis. Thus providing enhanced visibility of your company branding.

Manufacturing top-quality promotional items delivers an obvious message to prospective clients about the specifications your business is fully committed to. This might speak volumes about the high quality of merchandise and services your business provides and the levels of customer care you intend to offer.

High Exposure

Television advertisements and billboards remain in front of a prospect for an affair of seconds if that. Office promotional goods remain there on the desk while they are made use of and while they are not being utilized. What is more, the product gets revealed to everybody walking by the desk. This audience may consist of customers of the prospect, who might also have a need for your goods.

Besides, you can get online exposure. In the modern-day age of internet and social media, generating beneficial and advanced promotional products can contribute to viral coverage. Producing items that are intriguing or unique is an excellent way of getting your product branding noticed online. Particularly through peer to peer sharing on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

All the reasons mentioned above are simply a few of the approaches office promotional products work in your favour. You are fundamentally serving yourself an on-going business card that works for you whilst you are working on other things. This will get more value for your money compared to conventional advertising. You can also develop more of a commitment with your customer. When you are wanting to move in this direction, you can trust

Take advantage of the power of office promotional products to increase your brand’s popularity. Make sure that you get your promotional products form manufacturer and supplier of premium promotional products like Brand Republic in the market that you can rely on.

Reasons Promotional Products Will Continue to Rock The Marketing World Years to Come

Businesses varying from emerging companies to established ones make use of promotional products to draw in individuals’ attention to the budget. One of the most interesting information about promotional items is that we can actually find the importance of promotional products for progressing a business. A research proposed that around 89% of the customers can remember the name of a company or business for more than a year next to acquiring a thing from it. Businesses have comprehended the importance of promotional products to get to individuals extensively. The item is to drive the attention of customers towards your company.

Still, the world’s finest brands recognize the significance of investing in promotional products. Exactly what unique appeal does promotional items have that guarantees it is an enticing component of marketing campaigns around the world? Precisely why do companies, small or big, frequently invest in promotional items throughout the year? The following are some of the reasons why your business needs promotional products:


1.Value for Money and the Advantages of Mass Allocation

The business model implemented by suppliers of promotional products makes sure that businesses can invest in loads of customized pens or mugs and still wind up wasting only a couple of hundred bucks. Contrast this with the costly marketing choices provided by television, print as well as radio advertisements. What’s more, a printed giveaway is a concrete marketing device that will have an unforgettable and long-lasting effect on the target audience. Branded products can be dispensed in your area or around the nation to advertise a brand, cause or specific. What’s unique about investing in free gifts is that businesses frequently have a lot remaining in the advertising budget to spend on different forms of advertising strategies.


2. Fast and Great Brand Recognition

People using printed products distributed by your business will suffice as walking advertisements for your brand.  Shortly, people will start recognizing these printed goods, assisting your logo get recognized and noticed in a more quickly and more effective manner.


3. Effective Business Cards

For numerous generations, business cards managed to do a fantastic job of presenting businesses. Business cards are still extensively utilized to make sure people recall brands more frequently. A promotional item such as a mug or pen can function as a very effective business card, assisting recipients to recall the brand more frequently


4. Stimulate a Boost in Your Customer Loyalty

Demonstrating frequent valued customers that you appreciate their constant patronship by providing free business gifts is a fantastic concept! This will be helpful for your company to reinforce business connections, supporting you to win consumers for life. The total of great intentions attained through gifts will facilitate your business slip ahead of the competition


5. Stimulate and Increase in the Retention of Employees

Staff members require a few factors to carry on working for your business. Whilst a great working surrounding as well as understanding supervisors can guarantee employees stay much longer, frequent free promotional products will help them continue to be loyal and motivated to your business. Take advantage of the power of free gifts to make staff members recognize your company’s commitment towards them and make sure that you get your promotional products to form manufacturer and supplier of premium promotional products in the market that you can rely on

If your business is in need of promotional products, make sure that you get it form Brand Republic. We are a manufacturer and supplier of premium promotional products in the Australian market that you can rely on. You can browse our website to see a  great range of promotional products to choose from, and we are sure you’ll find something suitable for your purposes.

Promotional USB Still a Hot Corporate Gift

It these times of shrinking budgets and uncertain economic times companies have become more mindful of where they put their promotional dollars.Many products have come and gone in the world of promotional products but one product has endured and that is the Promotional USB.  Promotional USBs have been the mainstay of the promotional products industry for well over 15yrs. What started off as an expensive and exclusive product has morphed into the most popular promotional item in the history of corporate gifts.

The promotional USB has left a mark like no other. It is not certain if there will ever be a product to come along and replace it. Many have tried, like the promotional power bank, but none have even come close. Custom USB Sticks are by far the most important promotional product of the 21st Century. But custom USB sticks are far from being history. They remain as dominant as ever.

Dominates Promotional Products

So when you have a product that has been so dominant as the humble promotional USB why would you look any further. Sure there are other items that you should have in you promotional campaign but throwing in a custom USB stick is a no brainer. Not only are they really cheap but they still carry the cache that they have had all these years. Custom USB stick were and still are the ant’s pants so to say.

Just like the lanyard they easily fit into any promotion. Indeed they are the ideal pair for the custom printed lanyard. They work great together because both can be printed and you can attach a lanyard to a promotional USB. You can even colour match both the items for added impact. So here you have to great items which are interrelated and so inexpensive. Another reason why they should not be left out of any marketing campaign.

That is not to say that there are not other great promotional items. There are literally thousands of promotional products out there. They are not merely promotional products but fantastic promotional items. All one needs to do is put a little thought into what the customer would like to receive and the decision is quite simple. It is remarkable that there is such a large choice of products to enhance a marketing promotional campaign



Brexit And The Promotional Products Industry

As we already know Britain made the genius decision to leave the European Union. Just as Donald Trump convinced the USA electorate that he could make American great again the British politicians have done the same with the Brits. The only difference is that the US is still a super power and Britain is but a fragment of it’s former glory. The end result has been a country of 55 odd million people leaving the largest trading block in the world to go it alone. Unfortunately it is not going so good at the moment with even the divorce itself still not worked out. The uncertainty surrounding the terms of the break and the changing dynamic of Britain with the rest of the world economy has lead to the withdrawal of hundreds of companies. The type of companies has been broad including retail, banking and manufacturing to say the least. By some measures just in the financial sector banks and other financial companies at least $1 trillion worth of assets have shifted out of the country and into the European Union because of Brexit.

Winners and Losers of Brexit

Whilst it has been a loss to the UK it has been a boon for other EU countries. The companies leaving the UK have already created around 2,000 new jobs elsewhere in the European Union in response to Brexit.The financial services industry employs 2.2 million people across the country, and contributes 12.5% of GDP. It generates £72 billion in tax revenue each year. So all these financial companies looking to relocate elsewhere can’t be a good thing for the UK. In the financial sector Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Citi have already moved parts of their business out of the United Kingdom. The main beneficiaries have been Dublin, Luxembourg, Frankfurt and Paris which were the most popular destinations. Japanese banks Nomura and Daiwa are setting up EU operations in Germany. And Japan’s Norinchukin Bank has recently confirmed that it is establishing a wholly-owned banking subsidiary in Amsterdam to off-set any issues with Brexit. British ferry operator P&O announced on Tuesday that it will register to Cyprus

In other sectors:

  • Insurance and reinsurance market Lloyds of London is establishing an insurance company in Brussels.
  • Hermes Investment Management opened a branch in Dublin.
  • German engineering group Schaeffler is closing two plants in the United Kingdom.
  • Dyson is moving its HQ to Singapore (even though Mr Dyson was a supporter of Brexit).
  • Japanese electronics’ manufacturer Panasonic is moving its European HQ from the UK to Amsterdam.
  • Sony is also moving its European HQ to The Netherlands to minimise Brexit disruption.
  • Japanese retailer Muji is rumoured to be moving its European HQ from the UK to Germany.

Many smaller businesses are also looking at establishing European bases too. Online giftware retailer Rex London is setting up a Dutch base and The Grown Up Chocolate Company is considering relocating its business to Slovakia, for example. Indeed Dutch officials are in contact with more than 250 companies about a possible post-Brexit move, the Dutch government has stated. You can be sure other countries are also chasing business with Frankfurt, Paris and Dublin all eager to replace London as the place to be.

How This Effects Promotional Products Industry

The promotional products industry is huge in Europe. Just in the UK the industry turns over £1 billion pound. The sum for Europe if many times larger then this. Although there are no solid figure the EU market is larger then the US and there are 26,413 business in this category and they employ 392,820 people across the United States. What effect the Brexit will have on the promotional products industry in the UK and promotional products in general is anyones guess. What is known is that there is a large cross-boarder trade in promotional products between the UK and other EU member states. The UK both buys products from other EU countries and sells to them as well. So it can only be assumed that there will be a significant impact on the industry there. The promotional gifts market doesn’t just source products from China, it sources from all over the world including EU countries. There are promotional merchandising manufacturers throughout Europe. This also include printer, embroiders, packers, logistics and fulfilment. All of which is spread across the union. So how will Brexit effect the promo products industry. A lot! Thanks very much.

Using Promotional Products for Brand Recognition in Australia

Despite the fact that there are currently numerous marketing and social media options available today, promotional products still have a huge impact on brand recognition. Branding is important because it helps a company stand out and get more recognized than its competitors. Nevertheless, branding is more than simply coming up with a name or logo. It actually revolves around how a certain company communicates with its customers and how their customers perceive it.

In recent years, many firms started undervaluing the power of promotional products in Australia. This is mostly due to the fact that they prefer to use social media, magazine ads, and TV to promote their products or services. However, promotional products have been and still are a great tool for increasing brand recognition. Simply by handing out free promotional products, a business can make a lasting impression on its customers or clients.

An Incredible Marketing Tool

The main reason why this is an incredibly powerful marketing tool is because people love to get free stuff. On top of that, promotional products also motivate customers to take action. By using even the simplest products like key chains and pens, people will often be reminded of the company, which will motivate them to buy more of their products or to continue using their services. Consumers don’t always remember a product or service from an ad that they see on TV or online, but most people will remember a certain company if they get a free promotional product from them.

However, a lot of firms choose to use different marketing tools, since they will be spending way less money if they create an online campaign. Even though promotional products can cost a lot of cash, they help bring in an incredible return on investment, since they will increase customer loyalty. Promotional products are a great marketing strategy because feel more personal than any other type of advertisement. This means that the consumers won’t even think about throwing the products out. Instead, they will probably end up using them on a regular basis.

Promotional Products Build Loyal Customers

In order to become loyal customers, people will need to see or hear a brand’s message several times before they actually remember it. This is sometimes impossible with TV or digital ads, since there is no guarantee an advertisement from a certain company will grab the attention of the average consumer that many times. On the other hand, when a business gives consumers a promotional product just once, it can be certain that the customers will look at their brand very often. Not only that, but the company won’t even have to do any additional marketing aside from using promo products.

Although most promotional products will help increase brand recognition, it’s always a good idea for a business to do put some thought and effort into picking what they think would be best for their consumers. The perfect promo product should be used continuously by a customer, since this is the best way for consumers to remember certain brands. A good choice for promotional gifts would be ballpoint pens or coffee mugs. People use both of these products often and most of them always keep a spare pen or mug in their homes or offices.

One of the main reasons why people decide to keep certain promotional products is because they actually find them useful. When they receive something of value from a certain company, there is a good chance that they will remember it. That’s why it’s important to put some effort into finding the right promotional gifts. When a company does this, they will surely start seeing a return on their investment soon.

Stand Out Without Blowing The Budget

Marketing a business in today’s economy can be either tough or easy, depending on how you go about it. Sure there is more competition than any before. Some industries facing new entrants to the market every week, but this is where business owners need to be smart. They need to set aside some time to plan how to market their business and products. Standing out without blowing your marketing budgets is something you always need to consider.


There are plenty of reasons to consider promotional merchandise when trying to set your business apart from your competitors. Start with the fact that promotional gifts and merchandise are often kept and used for a long time. It is thought that these gifts and merchandise items are kept for a year or more giving you plenty of opportunities to spread awareness of your brand.


In-store branded items for purchase

Thinking about charging for your promotional products? Why not choose a cost effective option, such as a well designed branded metal pen. You can give them away as gifts to your customers and clients, and to surrounding businesses who may be able to use your services or refer you to others you will. By giving these items away, you are raising both the opinion of your business to the person who receives the item. Also you will be spreading awareness of your products or services.


Did you know using promotional materials is often quite a lot cheaper than traditional advertising, especially over the longer term? And you don’t just need to stick to traditional promotional materials. These days, items such as coasters, drinkware, keychains and confectionery can all be used to help promote a brand. Of course some of these items are more suitable to conferences and functions, but a simple box of promotional chocolates or a tin of mints don’t need to be expensive and are a great little gift.


Heaps of promotional product categories

If you have been browsing through website after website of promotional products you’d know just how big the range is. Brand Republic has a range of almost 60 categories with hundreds of products to choose from. With options ranging from car accessories to umbrellas and stickers to footwear, there is something for every business, sporting association, school and community group.


Brand Republic have been selling promotional merchandise in the Australian market for a number of years now. This is including for large corporations, small businesses, schools, universities, Government agencies and many more. Some of the more popular options for promotional merchandise over the years have included USB’s, calendars, bottled water, floor mats and hats.


Brand Republic is committed to ensuring you get a high quality promotional product at an affordable price that will help set your brand apart from your competitors. With friendly staff who are happy to answer any questions you may have, we expect that your experience with Brand Republic will result in more customers and clients for your business.


To talk to one of our friendly staff regarding your promotional merchandise and branding requirements, please call us on 03 9646 7066.


Marketing Budgets


Small Gifts – Big Ideas | How to get the most of marketing on a small budget

When it comes to company marketing and branding, there are plenty of tracks you can go down; from traditional marketing through and social media through to sponsoring events and giveaways, there’s plenty of ways to get your business known. Thinking about how to get the most of marketing on a small budget one must understand the moto “small gifts big ideas”.


But when you already have a fairly large customer base and you just want to keep your name in front of them, there’s some great ways to do so that won’t break the budget. Promotional or branded items don’t need to be large, but by choosing quality items that your customers and clients will find handy to use in their day to day lives, your business name front and centre will be a great reminder when they need to use your services.


Brand Republic stock a large range of branded small gift ideas that won’t take up a lot of storage room but will be a welcome gift when your sales reps visit clients or when your customers walk in the door.


Calendars are one of the most well known gifts, and if you’ve given them to clients before, you may have even been asked when your new ones will be arriving! They are handy for both the office and home, and a well designed calendar will certainly be used. For office use, a Monitor Calendar is a great idea. These calendars fit along the bottom of a computer monitor for easy access and with a four colour print, your logo or business message will really stand out. For walk in customers, you might prefer a Magnetic Tab Calendar. These calendars stick straight onto the fridge – something we bet your customers open many times a day! They are a great reminder of your business and the services you offer.


Confectionary items are always going to go down well whether you’re walking into your local office block or your local mechanics. Why not try M&M’s in a 50gm cello package – perfect single serves for your sales reps to give to clients and with a great little colour printed logo, your clients will certainly be thankful for the afternoon sugar hit. Mints are another great option and the Peppermints in Silver Rectangular Tins are a great idea – especially since the tins can then be refilled for an office desk lolly tin.


A promotional product that isn’t often used are branded keytags. Brand Republic has a pretty extensive range to choose from, including the Leatherette Key Tag, Bottle Opener Key Tags and plenty of soft PVC options. These items will come in extremely useful for your clients and customers, and as they aren’t often used, they will certainly be a great talking point.


For a little fun, why not try a branded Stress Toy. Choose from a range of items including animals, balls, transport and construction shapes to suit your business. If you have clients working in rather stressful positions or businesses, these can be a great way to help them out and remind them of your services.


Branded items don’t need to be large and over the top to be effective. Small items that can be used every day in the office or home are often much more appreciated and much more effective than an item that is only used once a year, or thrown straight in the bin. By choosing promotional items that are well designed and useful to your clients or customers, you will be reminding them every day of your business and the type of service you provide.


If you are looking for something unique, or you’d like to discuss your branding requirements, give Brand Republic a call on 03 9646 7066. Our helpful and friendly staff will be able to direct you to the best product for your requirements.