• Aspen Plastic Pen

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    Aspen Plastic Pen


  • Supra 4 Colour White Pen 

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    Supra 4 Colour White Pen 


  • Recycled Plastic Pen

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    Recycled Plastic Pen


  • Lancer Soft-Touch Pen

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    Lancer Soft-Touch Pen


  • Saxon Pen

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    Saxon Pen


  • Persia Pen

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    Persia Pen


  • Lancer Pen ReGrind

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    Lancer Pen ReGrind


  • Colours Minimalist Pen

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    Colours Minimalist Pen


  • White Minimalist Pen

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    White Minimalist Pen


Promotional Pens

Introducing Brand Republic’s Premium Promotional Plastic Pens

Brand Republic has a range of plastic pens on offer. Pens are a great way to promote your brand or your business. They can be printed with your logo so include one in your next promotional marketing campaign.

Superior Design: The epitome of elegance and functionality, Brand Republic’s plastic pens are more than mere writing tools. They’re a fusion of modern aesthetics and impeccable performance, making them a staple for every professional.

Eco-Friendly Commitment: Our devotion to the environment is unwavering. Crafted from high-grade recycled plastics, these pens embody our commitment to sustainability without compromising on quality or performance.

Seamless Writing Experience: Engineered for precision, our pens ensure smooth, uninterrupted writing. No more ink smudges or blots. Every stroke is a testament to our dedication to quality.

Diverse Color Palette: From understated professional tones to vibrant shades that capture attention, our range of colors ensures there’s a pen to resonate with every brand personality.

Tailored to Your Brand: Our customization options are second to none. Whether it’s embedding your company logo, incorporating a tagline, or inscribing a personalized message, Brand Republic ensures your brand is both seen and remembered.

Versatility at Its Best: Suitable for an array of events, be it corporate seminars, trade fairs, or as tokens of appreciation for clients and employees. Our pens adapt to every occasion, making your brand presence felt everywhere.

Portable Excellence: Compact, lightweight, and durable – characteristics that make our pens a constant companion for the discerning professional. Carry it with ease, and let your brand journey far and wide.

Affordability Meets Quality: We believe that top-tier quality doesn’t necessitate a hefty price. With Brand Republic, you receive unparalleled quality at a cost that respects your budget.

Why Brand Republic’s Promotional Plastic Pens? In the realm of business, every detail can either elevate or diminish a brand’s perception. A pen, often considered a simple tool, can, in reality, be a powerful ambassador for your brand’s ethos. With Brand Republic, you’re not just choosing a pen; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to ensuring that every scribble, signature, and note amplifies your brand’s excellence.

Choose Brand Republic, and etch an indelible mark of your brand in the minds of many. Contact Brand Republic for additional information and pricing. Our dedicated staff are always happy to help.

Place your order today and let your brand narrative flow effortlessly.

Plastic Pens