We love toys as do most of us and we can help source the perfect plush  for your campaign.

Firstly we offer a large range of standard plushes in all shapes and sizes.  If you don’t see one here on our site give us a call and we can find one for you.  These can all be embroidered or printed with your logo, we can customise the clothing to fit into a specific campaign or event which provides a further marketing opportunity.

We also work with a number of suppliers to provided completely customised plush toys.  These can be customised size, shape, colours, clothing and branding.  There are no limits to what we can customise.

We work with customers to meet all there plush toy needs.  Give us a call if you are unsure where to start and our sales staff with work with you to get your ideas an then work with our factories and designers to provide you with concept art.

Plush toys are perfect for so many situations.  As a sports mascot or a school toy.  Team sports are perfect for a plush toy.

We can also do additional options such as a plush toy on a keyring or even on a car dash so it can hang in your car window.

When trying to design your plush think about how best to brand it so customers know exactly who has given them this cute marketing promotional item. Think about where to put your logo.  What colours reflect your brand and what event or theme you are promoting.