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Brand Republic is a premium supplier of branded promotional products. All our products can be customised with your logo or message. We have an extensive range in which you can find something to suit any marketing campaign.


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    History of Branded Promotional Products


    Promotional products were first introduced by Jasper Freemont Meek who survived his declining newspaper business in the late 1800s by collaborating with a shoe store. He came with a brilliant idea of printing advertisements onto the shoe bags which would come with every shoe purchase. This way, every child who would carry the shoe bag to school would be advertising the shoe store as well. This idea became so massive that even his competitor did the same technique.


    Promotional products rapidly became so popular in the 1900s that an American trade association named Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) was formed. From 12 companies, its members grew into more than 10,000 global members up to date. These companies knew how effective, efficient, and budget-friendly promotional products are.


    What are Promotional Products?


    Looking back through history, it was believed that George Washington was the first person who had given a branded promotional product to the public. This was a commemorative button to celebrate his history of being the first president of the United States and the nation’s expansion. This way, the people were informed of his presidency and the unification of the country’s states.


    Branded promotional products, like George Washington’s commemorative button, are useful items with printed logos or advertisements of a company or a person. These items are powerful marketing tools as they can increase brand awareness while connecting the advertisers directly to the consumers. They are commonly given as giveaways, souvenirs, free items, and corporate gifts.


    Branded promotional products are cost-effective as well. As mentioned earlier, they are useful items or products which can last many years. If these items can last many years, the advertisement printed onto them will last many years as well. Additionally, promotional items like shopping bags, pens, and paper pads are easily passed on from one hand to another creating a wide marketing reach.


    Do Promotional Products Work?


    When a new product in the market comes with a free company mug, you usually buy it. From the day you bought the product because of the free mug, you already made yourself aware of the brand. That free mug is the company’s branded promotional product and it works in a way that instantly influences your purchasing preference and attitude towards the product.


    In 2016, Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI) studied the effectiveness of promotional products. Their study included interviews with businesspeople and students in key cities around North America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. They also conducted online surveys across the United State to reach over 100, 000 consumers.

    According to their study, 85% recall the advertiser that gave them a shirt or hat. Moreover, they want products that are useful to them and very practical like apparel, bags, calendars, and USB drives. They also prefer branded promotional products over internet advertising.


    How to Properly Use Promotional Products


    There are many types of promotional products. However, you need to find and customize ones that are highly profitable and promotional for your company. The most common type of branded promotional product is pens. Since they are common and cheap to produce, you can always find any company giving the same. Hence, the staying power of pens in the consumers is low and limited only to the target consumers.


    Apparels, umbrellas, and other premium products have the longest staying power since they are useful and practical. Any gender can bring a promotional umbrella and any age can wear promotional apparel. These premium products may cost your company higher than pens but may create residual advertisements for many years.


    Corporate promotional products, on the other hand, are given to prominent people that may help in advertising your company. These items may be personalized and professional-looking.


    Additionally, it was also stated in ASI’s study that consumers felt happy, appreciative, grateful, thankful, and excited when they received premium and practical branded promotional products.


    Choose The Best Promotional Products For Your Business


    Today, we can say that marketers focus on marketing their products online eliminating the use of tangible items that can have better results. Branded promotional products have the highest recall and purchasing influence than marketing on the internet. Internet marketing does not have physical items that are useful for consumers. They may create interest but may not always give instant influence to the consumers.


    Brand Republic promotional products are cost-effective as they last for months and years. They are also customizable according to your preference. Even though the world revolves around the internet nowadays, it is still important to give your consumers something that can make them remember your product or company.


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