• Ball USB People – Fully Customised

  • Mini USB People – Customised

  • Mini USB People – Professional

  • Micro USB People – Professional

  • Rubber Head USB People – Customised

  • USB People – Customised

  • USB People – Professional

  • USB People – Plain Colours

  • Rubber Head USB People – Professional

For some promotional campaigns, you want something different, something that will help your brand stand out. If this is you and your promotional campaign needs a spark, our USB People Series is just what you need.

Available in a range of styles, colours and professions, this range is a great choice for almost any industry. Our “USB Professional” range covers a range of jobs including health and public services while the “Metal USB People” range is perfect for a high quality promotional USB.

If you need your next campaign to stand out, our USB People Series are ready to work for you.