• Jumbo – 90cm

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    Jumbo – 90cm


  • Metallic – 28cm

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    Metallic – 28cm

    Metallic B

  • Crystal – 28cm

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    Crystal – 28cm

    Crystal B

  • Decorator – 28cm

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    Decorator – 28cm

    Decorator B

  • Standard – 28cm

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    Standard – 28cm

    Standard B


We print on premium latex balloons with only the highest quality latex inks. Our balloons are 100% biodegradable balloons as they are better for the environment. It is always comforting to know that your promotions or celebrations will not leave a negative lasting effect on the planet we love.

Balloon Sizes

We have two size options to fit your requires:

  • 28cm – Our most popular and cost effective balloon – They come in 4 different finishes: Standard, Decorator, Crystal, Metallic
  • 90cm – When you really want to stand out! Jumbo balloons with a jumbo print area.

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Custom printed balloons

They are a cost-effective form of marketing for every business. With low outlay, and high visual impact, a promotional balloon is a great choice for your next marketing campaign or event booth. They are a great addition to corporate events, community festivals, children’s events, sporting events, trade shows and more. Print them with your logo or marketing message for an effective promotional campaign.

One of the great things about the balloons here at Brand Republic is that it is easy to mix and match to your needs. Choose from different base colours, print up to four colours on two sides of the balloon, and watch your brand get noticed. Add colour to your event whilst promoting your brand. Adults will love them just as much as the kids.

Our Standard Balloon offers a large range of colours and is perfect for any promotional event. Budget friendly and stylish, this balloon is a great way to get your brand or company out in the market. For those looking for bulk balloons ready to inflate and give away at events, the Decorator balloon range is perfect. With its large range of colours, these balloons are great for community events.

The Crystal Balloon range offers yet again a large range of stylish colours and the opportunity to promote your brand to a wider audience. Combine the Crystal Balloon range with the promotional Metallic Balloon range for a great look and to help your brand stand out further. Our Pearl Balloon range offers balloons in softer colours and is perfect for children’s events and festivals.

Promotional and branded balloons are a fun way to help promote your brand; budget friendly and easy to store, market your business with promotional balloons.

Balloon Printing

Custom printed balloons are the most cost effective form of marketing available. Balloons are generally inexpensive and have a high visual impact. They are a ideal addition to any corporate event or festivity. They can be printed with your logo or message and you can have multiple colours.

Print up to 4 colours on 2 sides.

We also have a huge range of colours available to ensure you will find the one  that you require. Feel free to contact our friendly staff for additional information or pricing.

Brand Republic is a premium supplier of branded products. Try us for your next promotion or event. We will do our better to keep you satisfied.

Decorator / Standard Balloons Colour Chart

Crystal Balloons

Jumbo Balloons