• Graduate PVC Bath Duck

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    Graduate PVC Bath Duck


  • Doctor Quack PVC Bath Duck

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    Doctor Quack PVC Bath Duck


  • The Original Rubber Bath Duck

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    The Original Rubber Bath Duck


Rubber Ducks

If you are looking for an inexpensive and fun promotional item then look no further. Rubber ducks are easy branded and are suitable for kids and adults alike. They can be bundled together with other items, used as a gift with purchase or simply presented as a promotional gift.

Rubber ducks make bath time lots of fun. Rubber toys were first produced in the late 1800s, but several decades before a floatable figure took over water play. Rubber toy designs have evolved into the stylised yellow-billed duck, generally with a flat base and a floating bathtub toy we recognize today.

These days, most rubber ducks are made of vinyl plastic because it is more durable, flexible, colorful, and cost-efficient. The duck’s bright colors, quacky sound and smooth texture sharpen toddlers’ senses. In addition, playing with a rubber duck builds hand muscles and hand-eye coordination.

Promotional Rubber Ducks And Its Advantages For Business

  • Giving out promotional rubber ducks casts your brand in a positive light. When people see one, the first thing that comes to their mind is their childhood. This creates feelings of nostalgia, something that appeals to a lot of people.
  • Anybody can find a good use for a rubber duck. Most likely, children play with them and have fun while taking a bath. Their parents will be grateful and very happy for this, making them feel more positive about your business.
  • Rubber ducks are smushy and squishy; the reasons why they are perfect to use as stress toys. They make great toys to help a person relax, stay focused, relieve tension, and stay calm. If consumers use a branded rubber duck as a stress toy, they will associate your brand with relieving stress.
  • Every penny you spend on promotional rubber ducks is well spent. You’ll get ROI in the form of advertising, and increased brand awareness in general.

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