• Bondi Bucket Hat – Coloured Sandwich Trim

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    Bondi Bucket Hat – Coloured Sandwich Trim


  • Bondi Bucket Hat

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    Bondi Bucket Hat


  • Kids Twill Bucket Hat w/Toggle

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    Kids Twill Bucket Hat w/Toggle


  • Vortech Bucket Hat

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    Vortech Bucket Hat


  • Bucket Hat Sandwich Brim

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    Bucket Hat Sandwich Brim


  • School Bucket Hat

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    School Bucket Hat


Promotional Bucket Hats

Brand Republic has a range of bucket hats which can be custom branded with your logo.

How do you want your business or company to raise awareness to larger consumers? One great idea is through these promotional bucket hats.

The bucket hat is said to have been introduced in the early 1900s as an accessory worn by farmers and fishermen to protect them from rain. Today, many people are embracing the style of bucket hats. Hence, these hats are great headwear not only to protect one from weather, but for fashion style as well.

Top Reasons To Use Promotional Bucket Hats 

Not only promotional hats will minimise exposure to rain or sunlight, it will give brands more exposure to crowds you may not have even known existed! Promotional advertising is to a next level with these trendy promotional hats. Trending to protect the head from the sun, these hats are ideal to field workers and to students going to school.

 Head Comfort

These promotional bucket hats promote air circulation, keeping the head cool. For hot weather, the holes on top permit circulation of the air keeping the head comfortable. Despite its thickness, the holes provide ventilation so the head will not sweat much. These hats also rock during a cold weather as an added protection to the head and a great match with any ensembles.

 Durable Yet Fashionable

Manufactured with durable cloth material, promotional bucket hats have been a staple accessory for both men and women wardrobes. They are made from different types of fabrics such as cotton or microfiber that can be mixed and matched with different clothing style. Cleaning is easy as well as it simply needs to be washed with soap and water.

 More Exposure to Crowd

Promotional bucket hats are a fun, customisable gift that can be worn every day, which makes it an excellent promotional merchandise. Whether a gift for your employees, a special event or simply to spread the word at a trade show, these corporate gifts are the best choice to let your target audience spread the word for you.

Brand Republic has a range of quality products which can be custom branded with your logo. Contact us for additional information and pricing today.

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