• Welded Coaster

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    Welded Coaster


  • Wine Boy Coasters

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    Wine Boy Coasters


  • Coaster 1mm Natural Rubber

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    Coaster 1mm Natural Rubber


  • Coaster 3mm Rubber Sponge

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    Coaster 3mm Rubber Sponge


  • Flexible PVC Coasters

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    Flexible PVC Coasters


Custom Printed Coasters

Promotional coasters are a subtle way to market your business. Clients react positively to products that they can touch and use, making it more memorable for them. And most clients keep such products that are practical.

This is an opportunity for your business to engage with your target market, while keeping your costs down. You just need to get creative and make your brand stand out, and we can help you with that.

3 Ways to Use Promotional Coasters as a Marketing Tool

  1. Direct Marketing

Consider sending a coaster along with your printed material to your clients. Sending a freebie will immediately spark interest in your business, and it will grow your brand awareness as your clients will use the coasters.

  1. Promotional Coasters as a Business Card

Be innovative and fun! Instead of the usual business card that gets kept, stand out with a coaster. Print your logo for easy brand recognition, and include other details like your social media accounts and website.

  1. Interactive Coasters

You can have different inspirational quotes, witty or humorous questions printed that can be a conversation starter. It can also be used as a game. Your promotional coaster will be a hit with your target market, and it will increase brand awareness for your business in an engaging manner.

Do you see the possibilities of boosting your business through promotional coasters? Do you have any new idea you want to talk to us about? Check out our selection at Brand Republic, and we can work with you to bring out the full potential of your business branding.