Magnetic Products

Magnetic Products are a very popular promotional item and there are more options then you may think.

The first and most obvious is a fridge magnet.  What better way to ensure your details are always at hand then a fridge magnet,  Printed with your customer logo, opening hours, website and of course your telephone number.  Fridge magnets come in a range of sizes and all can be printed wiht a full colour all over print for maximum exposure. For an additional feature your fridge magnet can come with a clip so customers can attach notices, invites or bills to there fridge for safe keeping.

A magnet photo frame is another fun way to remind customers of there visit to you.  These also come in a range of sizes and can be printed with a full colour all over print.  As these are a fun novelty you know they will be kept and used by customers.

Magnetic jigsaws are a fun way to get customer involved.  We all know that feeling of waiting for the kettle to boil or egg to cook, why not give your customers something to do while they are waiting.  Not sure how to start your design?  our staff are full trained to work with you on your design and finished magnetic puzzle.

Other popular magnetic products include the magnet to do list.  Stuck to the fridge add to your shopping list as you go.  Your customers will thank you for helping out with there shopping.  Brand both the magnet and note pad for added exposure.  The magnet with white board is another fun item.  Give customers a marker and white board so they write messages for family members and reminders for themselves.