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High-visibility headwear is very important in workplaces such as construction sites, roadworks and outdoor activities. The proper use of high-visibility headwear is a relatively simple precaution, but it plays a significant role in keeping the workplace safe.

Hi-vis headwear is typically worn to increase the visibility of the wearer.  Additionally, it alerts other people of a worker’s presence, especially in dark conditions and poor visibility.

Promotional Headwear Caps Key Features

  • Workwear headwear acts as a walking advertisement. Therefore, you can easily get your brand noticed.
  • It is very reflective and can glow in the dark. As a result, it is very effective in catching the attention and controlling risks in the workplace.
  • Hi-vis promotional headwear caps are cost-effective. The caps are naturally visible as they are made from reflective material.
  • Hi-vis caps never disappoint in terms of functionality. It provides protection against the elements, giving the user peace of mind while working outside.
  • This headwear cap can be worn alone or paired with a hi-vis outfit. It’s made of quality fabric that can easily be washed and comes in a one-size-fits-all design to ensure it fits most people.

Promote your business in style with promotional headwear. Brand Republic offers branded headwear caps in four different styles. We offer Hi-Vis Legionnaire Cap, Hi-Vis Cap, Hi Vis Reflector and Hi Vis Safety.

Corporate logos or message can be printed on the caps in desired positions. These items are ideal as giveaways, corporate uniforms and make a brilliant gift for guests at a trade show and events.