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Custom Button Badges

Custom Button Badges

Brand Republic is a premium supplier of custom button badges. We have a widest range of sizes. We only use quality  quality materials and our button badges are made in-house to ensure prompt delivery.

Button badges are also excellent tools for promotional give-aways. They can be produced on a mass scale, they are simple to customise and are easy to distribute at events and as a mail out.

What is a button badge?

button badge is a button or badge that can be temporarily fastened to the surface of a garment using a safety pin, or a pin formed from wire, a clutch or other mechanism. This fastening mechanism is anchored to the back side of a button-shaped metal disk, either flat or concave, which leaves an area on the front of the button to carry an image or printed message.

The word is commonly associated with a campaign button used in the United States and abroad during a political campaign. The first design for a pin-back button in the United States was patented in 1896, and contemporary buttons have many of the same design features.

Button Badges: Shapes, Sizes, and Branding Options

Button badges have been an evergreen accessory for years, used as fashion statements, promotional tools, or simple means of expression. Their versatility is evident from the various shapes available, ranging from the classic round to the more intricate oval, heart, and star. Each shape, with its unique geometry, offers a different canvas to imprint one’s identity, be it a corporate brand or a personal message.

The most traditional of these shapes, the round button badge, is available in a variety of sizes. Starting from a diminutive 25mm, suitable for subtle messaging or intricate logos, to an expansive 100mm that’s ideal for more detailed graphics or bolder statements. The intermediate sizes, such as the 37mm or 56mm, serve as perfect middle grounds, accommodating most designs without being too obtrusive. The plethora of choices ensures that there’s a round button badge size suitable for every need.

Adding another layer of versatility to the mix is the availability of the fridge magnet button badge. This takes the visual appeal of the standard button badge and couples it with the functionality of a fridge magnet, allowing users to place their badges on refrigerators, metal cabinets, or any other magnetic surface, thus turning a personal accessory into a decorative piece or a reminder tool.

One of the key advantages of these badges is the branding option of digital print. With the advent of digital printing technology, almost any design, color gradient, or logo can be replicated with precision on these badges. This means businesses can ensure that their branding remains consistent and of high quality. For individuals, it means that there’s virtually no limit to their creativity – be it a photograph, a piece of artwork, or even intricate patterns, digital print can reproduce it on a button badge with stunning clarity.

History of button badges

Buttons have been used around the world to allow people to promote their businesses, events and political campaigns for years now. The easiest know use of button badges was by Josiah Wedgewood (of the Wedgewood pottery dynasty), in 1787, during and an anti-slavery movement. Although the original was made of porcelain they are know made from metal or plastic.

The button badge we see today was influenced by Benjamin S. Whitehead who in 1893 inserting a sheet of transparent film made of celluloid over a photograph mounted on a badge to protect the image from scratches and abrasion. Another innovation by Whitehead & Hoag used a metal pin at the back of the button to fasten the badge.

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Button badges, with their varying shapes, sizes, and the precision of digital print, stand out as a versatile accessory. Whether one aims to promote a brand, make a fashion statement, or simply express oneself, there’s a badge out there that’s just right for the purpose.

If you have any further questions or require pricing feel free to contact us. Our friendly staff are always happy to help.