Promotional USB Flash Drives

With so many companies out there competing for business from your customers and potential customers, you need to be on top of your promotional game – no one is going to know what you do or where you are located unless you tell them, and often there is no better way than by using promotional gift items.

Promotional items such as promotional USB’s, mugs, pens, calendars and notepads are generally used by companies for new clients or customers, or for giving to current clients and customers when you visit their office for meetings or just to say hello. Other items such as lanyards and keychains might be used for event gifts and bags, while glassware is often used for corporate Christmas gifts and included in gift baskets or boxes.

But if you are looking for a simple, well designed promotional item, you can’t go past a promotional USB flash drive. Almost all of your customers and clients will use a USB flash drive on their desktops, laptops and tablets either in the office or at home. There are many benefits to using promotional USB’s including the fact that they can be taken from computer to computer bringing more attention to your company, they are customisable, and they are suitable to customers and clients of any age.

Huge Range of Promotional USBs

At Brand Republic we have a huge range of promotional USB’s from the traditional and classic right through to the more interesting. Our range includes credit card sized USB’s, classic USB’s, swivel USB’s, USB people and budget friendly options. Some of our popular options include our cassette tape USB, car USB, and our metal people USB’s.

All of our promotional USB’s come with various packaging options including bulk (perfect for events or functions) and various gift boxes; many are able to be used with a lanyard or key chain which provides extra branding opportunities (we also have a range of these suitable for use with any of our USB’s).

Printed USB Flash Drives

When choosing a USB, you need to ensure the logo printing is going to be front and centre as well as standing out to those using the product. Depending on the USB you choose, we have a range of printing methods including screen printing, digital printing and engraving. The type of USB you choose will determine the printing style, and our team is more than happy to provide you with ideas on what will look best with your logo print.

Promotional items can often cost more than traditional advertising and marketing methods, but USB flash drives are a budget friendly and long term way of getting your company’s name and brand out to the public. Our range of economy USB’s will provide you with a range of functional, well made and stylish USB’s which are perfect for any business. If you have clients and customers who travel or who work at different workstations, a promotional USB is the perfect marketing tool.

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives

If you are looking for something different in your next promotional USB flash drive look no further then custom shaped USBs. Custom shaped USB flash drives are made from PVC and can be made into almost any shape. So if you are looking at a logo shaped USB, smart phone shaped USBs, car shaped USB, person shaped USB, pen shaped USBs or any other shaped of PVC custom shaped USB then look not further. Just send us your idea or logo and we can provide a mockup of your next custom shaped USB.

If you are in need of an updated promotional USB flash drive, or looking to add something new to your current promotional product range, USB’s are the perfect all-rounder option for any business, customer or client.

Promotional USB