Promotional Badges

As surprising as it may seem, there are a lot of companies out there using badges as a promotional tool. From schools through to charities, a badge can stand out simply because it is different. These aren’t just your generic badges though. Promotional badges are bright and bold, and easily stand out on the wearer.

There are many places and situations that a for which promotional badge are perfect. Employment and education conferences and events are one situation. There a badge can draw someone towards your stand to find out more about what services you provide. Food shows are another great opportunity to draw attention using a badge.

At corporate events, conferences and development days you will often find attendees wearing a badge with their name and their company name. For event organisers this is a great way to get people networking. It provides you with a personalised initial greeting with the attendee. Traditional name badges can be uncomfortable though and you may find that they get taken off fairly quickly. Our Retractable Name Badge Holders are a great investment for events and conferences as they are easy to wear, don’t destroy clothing and are comfortable to wear all day.

Other types of badges and badge holders

Some of our customers have purchased the Retractable Name Badge holders to be used to hold staff identity cards. While subtle, they act as a promotional tool when your staff members are out and about.

Badges make an interesting promotional tool and are something that aren’t always on the list when looking for promotional items. They aren’t something that are easily thrown away. When it comes to badge lanyards like our Name Badge Holders they are often able to be used repeatedly which ensures your company name stays in front of mind.

For something different for your next promotional campaign or event, take a look at our promotional badge options.