• Eye-Spy Webcam Cover

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    Eye-Spy Webcam Cover


  • Plastic Webcam Cover

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    Plastic Webcam Cover


  • Aluminium Webcam Cover

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    Aluminium Webcam Cover


Webcam Covers

It is always difficult trying to find the perfect corporate gift for your customers. When choosing a good promotional product for your next marketing campaign it is best to consider something that is both practical and useful for the recipient. One such product is the webcam cover. Webcam covers have become increasingly popular in the world of promotional products recently.

Webcam Covers Promote Web Security

In this era of web insecurity anything that make people feel safer about using the internet is being sort after. Webcam covers can be easily be attached to any computer or laptop which make them such a good item. They are also available with custom packaging which is great for branding. We have a number of models for you to choose from, both plastic and aluminium. Read below to better understand the benefits of webcam covers.

Hacked Webcams Are a Problem

You may not know it but your webcam can be hacked without your knowledge. A hacked webcam can give access to unknown entities without you even noticing. Webcams can be hacked by a cyber creeps through any Internet-enabled device. Although it may sound far fetched to you someone could be recording you right now and watching your every move.

There have been many recorded cases of peoples webcams being hacked while in compromising situations. Your actions could become public if your webcam becomes hacked. To protect your privacy simply need to attach a webcam cover to your computer and activate it when it’s not in use to ensure you are not being watched.

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How To Order Webcam Covers