• Trojan Metal Shaker

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    Trojan Metal Shaker


  • Olympus Sports Shaker

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    Olympus Sports Shaker


  • Atlas Shaker – 600ml

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    Atlas Shaker – 600ml


  • Atlas Shaker – 400ml

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    Atlas Shaker – 400ml


Promotional Shaker Cup

Everyone wants to be healthy now, and many use shaker cups to achieve their fitness goals. Promotional shaker cups are handy and convenient to use because it’s like a portable blender. It has a small metal ball inside that can mix powders with liquids with just a quick shaking motion.

Shaker cups are so versatile, it makes a superb and unique giveaway, that will give your business a visibility boost. Moreover, it will show that your business keeps up with the times, for having a trendy giveaway.

Get your greens anytime, anywhere

Promotional shaker cups aren’t just for the fitness buffs at the gym. This is perfect for anyone who wants to keep hydrated while enjoying a healthy drink.

Have a scoop of your green powder on hand, and mix it with water, but coconut water is so much better! Give it a good shake, and the little metal ball will mix everything.

Are you on a plant-based diet and need to get your daily intake of protein? Use the promotional shaker cup to mix the vegan protein powder with your liquid of choice. We suggest almond or soy milk to go with it for that added creaminess.

Wide Selection

We offer several kinds of promotional shaker cups that would suit your target market.

  • Atlas shaker comes in a variety of fun colors that will be so hip to go with your logo.
  • The Power shaker is for the serious drinker because this can be filled up to 700ml.
  • 3-in-shaker is perfect for people on-the-go. This shaker includes separate compartments for the powder and supplements. You can mix your drink anytime you need it.

All of these shaker cups have secure lids, so you need not worry about spillage after a vigorous shake.

If you’re looking for high quality and affordable promotional products, look no further than the promotional glassware at Brand Republic.