Protect your personal data with our USB data blocker. Charge your devices from public USB charging ports, including charging kiosks at airports and hotels, while blocking data transfer to prevent the unauthorised access of your personal data and preventing malware infection of your devices. USB data blockers provide a safe alternative for charging from public USB ports that you don’t trust. When branded with your company logo, USB data blockers make the perfect giveaway or gift for those concerned with cyber-security.

Current laptops and desktop computers now include built-in webcams for convenience, however hackers with the ability to access your webcam pose a risk to your privacy. Custom branded webcam covers are a great promotion to increase web privacy awareness and to prevent spying through your computer’s webcam. Simply place over your computer’s built-in webcam and slide the shutter open or closed to use the camera or protect your privacy. Low cost and easy to mail or give out, they make the perfect giveaway or direct mail promotion.

RFID blocking cards prevent data theft from your bank and credit cards by blocking skimming devices that use RFID signals. Simple and easy to use, the card slides into your wallet alongside your credit cards to protect against RFID skimming. RFID blocking sleeves and wallets are also available to offer extra protection. The large print area allows for high impact branding and designs, incorporating your company logo and message.


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