• Giant Bamboo Carry Bag with Double Handles

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    Giant Bamboo Carry Bag with Double Handles


  • Long Handle Bamboo Conference Bag

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    Long Handle Bamboo Conference Bag


  • Short Handle Bamboo Tote Bag

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    Short Handle Bamboo Tote Bag


Bamboo Bags

Bamboo bags are becoming a popular choice for daily use. This stylish and sustainable accessory is known for its eco-friendly, reusable, and light-weight features.

For this reason, many businesses use promotional bamboo bags to extend their advertising reach. Certainly, branded bamboo bags are not only promised sustainability, but they are also a very cost-effective promotional giveaway.

Why Choose Promotional Bamboo Bags


These great bags are versatile and can be used in lots of ways. They are now used everywhere; at work, school, gym, mall, grocery shop and even at home to keep and transport items. Your recipient will be getting a minimalist look with this branded accessory which they can pair with their casual outfit.


This is one of the most important traits of this promotional bag. They are sturdy, biodegradable and can be used time and time again. While they are soft, these bags are made from strong fibers and 100% natural bamboo. Moreover, they can withstand heavy loads without stretching or breaking.

Powerful Branding

Giving away promotional bags is a powerful way to keep attracting customers and boost brand awareness. Since these bags are gender-neutral, you can easily choose a design to showcase your brand message. Thus, regardless of social barriers, branded bags are highly functional products that are widely used by male and female of all age groups and backgrounds.

Let your customers know you value eco-friendly products. Brand Republic offers a comprehensive range of eco-friendly promotional bamboo bags at competitive prices. Customise them with your slogan or logo to promote your brand and to start conversations with potential customers.

Check out our full range online. All our bags can be custom branded with your logo. They are great as both a POS item or a give away item. The fact that they are inexpensive make them even more appealing as a marketing product. Contact our friendly staff with any assistance you may require.