• Paper Drinking Straws

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    Paper Drinking Straws


  • Aubrey Coffee/Tea Set

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    Aubrey Coffee/Tea Set


  • Stainless Steel Ice Cube

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    Stainless Steel Ice Cube


  • The Vinifera Aerator

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    The Vinifera Aerator


Promotional Drink Accessories

Who doesn’t want to unwind after a tiring day at work, with a perfectly aged bottle of red wine or even an ice cold drink? Right? What makes the experience even better, is if we have the appropriate promotional drink accessories to go with it.


Wide Selection of Drink Accessories

Our range or drink accessories are a great way to promote your brand. Your customers will love them and you can be sure they will be in use for years to come.

  • Think of an aerator to go with the fancy bottle of wine you have.
  • Perhaps you just want to have one shot of whiskey. A Tennessee hip flask would come in handy for that.
  • And to cool your drinks in style, why not use stainless steel ice cubes?


Celebrate in Style


These products make excellent promotional drink accessories that are perfect for celebratory events such as graduations, retirements, and partnerships.  Not to mention, these make classy gifts, as well, that your customers will truly appreciate.

The Tennessee hip flask has a slight curve that perfectly fits right against your hip or easily slides into your pocket, and it’s lightweight enough that it won’t be cumbersome for you. Stainless steel ice cubes will pair nicely with any drink you want chilled because it retains its coldness long after you have consumed your drink. And it will not dilute your drink, is a major advantage too. An aerator is a sophisticated promotional drink accessory that you would want to consider because it allows the wine taster to experience the full character of the wine by enhancing the scent notes.

All of these promotional drink accessories won’t go out of style, and it will pair nicely with your business logo. Our printing or engraving, whichever is applicable, will retain the classiness of the product. It will also come individually packaged. Let us get your business into the hands of your customers.

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If you’re looking for high quality and affordable promotional products, look no further than the promotional drink accessories at Brand Republic.