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Promotional Car Air Freshener

There aren’t many people who would admit they’d prefer the smell of car exhaust over the smell of something fresh or fruity when driving along. Promotional car air fresheners can help your staff, clients or customers arrive at their destination without the stress that normally comes from driving along the highway or a busy road.

With our branded car deodorises you can choose from the standard car design, or a customise design of your own. These car deodorises are made from a heavy weight board with elastic loop. Standard fragrance choices are lemon or apple however make sure you ask about the availability of other fragrances.

Promotional car air fresheners and deodorisers are a great marketing tool. They are long-wearing, and your current or potential customers or clients will see your branding daily; these are a great way to get in front of your potential customers or clients without being completely in their face.

These branded car deodorisers come in a great 100ml x 70ml size giving you plenty of space for your branding requirements and marketing message.

Looking for a great way to stand out from the crowd? Get your hands on a promotional car air freshener and start marketing your brand.

Car Air Freshener