• Bamboo Pizza Cutter

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    Bamboo Pizza Cutter


  • Bamboo Kitchen Scale

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    Bamboo Kitchen Scale


  • LCD Electronic Kitchen Scale

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    LCD Electronic Kitchen Scale


  • Toughened Glass Electronic Weight Health Scale

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    Toughened Glass Electronic Weight Health Scale


Promotional Kitchen Scales

Brand Republic has a wide array of promotional kitchen scales that can easily be customised to suit your business needs.

Is your business in the health and wellness or food related industries? Thinking of promotional giveaways aside from the usual logoed pen and pad? Giveaways that are highly functional, stylish, and gets your message across. Consider our selection of promotional kitchen scales.

3 Reasons To Give Promotional Kitchen Scales

  1. Reach Your Target Market

If your target market includes health enthusiasts, nutritionists, dietitians, chefs, home bakers, etc., a kitchen scale would be the best giveaway to build your brand awareness. The use of kitchen scales promotes healthy eating or wellness by exercising portion control. A baker would need to make use of one as well, to ensure precise measurements, compared to measuring cups and spoons.

  1. Highly Functional

You will be sure that the promotional kitchen scale will be put to use by your target market frequently. A giveaway that is highly functional will create a positive response to your business, generate more leads and sales.

  1. Sleek and Stylish Giveaway

On top of all that, the kitchen scale is small and won’t take much counter space. On the other hand, the toughened glass electronic weight health scale will blend in with the décor because it’s made with glass and doesn’t look cumbersome.

Our promotional kitchen scale is perfect for custom branding with our lowest price guarantee.  Contact any of our representatives through email or call, and we will work with your branding requirements.