• IdealCup – 355ml

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    IdealCup – 355ml

    TC 121298

  • Divino Double Wall Glass Cup

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    Divino Double Wall Glass Cup


  • Oakridge Double Wall Cup

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    Oakridge Double Wall Cup


  • Metro Cup Bamboo

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    Metro Cup Bamboo

    TC 116266

  • Express Cup – Natura

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    Express Cup – Natura

    TC 115581


Out with the old Styrofoam cups and plastic cups, in with the new Eco cups. Eco cups become the better options for many customers since they offer a variety of benefits, most especially for health and environment.

When it comes to marketing your business, you can’t go wrong with promotional eco cups.  They can help you get your brand name out there while doing so in a responsible way.

3 Advantages Of Promotional Eco Cups

With more and more businesses wanting to be part of the changes by pursuing sustainable practice in their marketing campaign, you don’t want to be left behind. Here are three great advantages of using promotional eco cups;

Eco-Friendly Product

Biodegradable promotional products show an environmental and ethical conscience, which can help your brand market itself.

Promotional eco cups will not just help promote your business or services, but also protect the environment one cup at a time.

Safe And Clean

Eco cups are safe to use. They don’t contain harmful chemicals and ensure that the drinks don’t have any flavour as well.

In addition, these biodegradable cups have anti-bacterial properties, therefore it helped the masses reduce the spreading of bacteria and infection.

Branding Potential

Drinking cups are the kinds of products people use every day. From the restaurants, at a coffee shop to people walking down the street, your brand’s image will be seen widely.

Since promotional eco cups are usually made of paper and bamboo, it’s easier to add your logo or message. All you need is a creative and attractive design concept and you are up to creating an incredible promotional giveaway.

Choose promotional eco cups for your next marketing campaign. They make an environmentally friendly choice so why not contact us and see how we can help.

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