• Cabana Wide Brim Hat

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    Cabana Wide Brim Hat


  • Kids Twill Bucket Hat w/Toggle

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    Kids Twill Bucket Hat w/Toggle


  • Surf Hat

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    Surf Hat


  • Poly/Viscos School Legionnaire

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    Poly/Viscos School Legionnaire


  • School Bucket Hat

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    School Bucket Hat


  • Slouch Hat

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    Slouch Hat


Promotional School Headwear

Brand Republic has a great school headwear range which can be custom branded. They are an excellent option for schools and corporate events alike. Not only will you be contributing to the health and comfort of the kids  but will also get a chance to expand your corporate identity’s reach.

How promotional school headwear make any business stand out?

Style And Function In One

Our promotional school headwear comes in different styles from wide brim hat, to a surfing hat, to Viscos school hat and slouch hat. Thus, there are plenty of choices for your target customers. As the hats are worn to different places, promotion can get to larger crowd too. 

Trendy and Versatile

This promotional school headwear can also be used in an outdoor adventure, to the beach, while shopping in malls, or literally anywhere. Many students love to wear these hats to complement their outfit, to hide a bad hair day and to keep them warm throughout the year. It can be worn by everyone, as these are unisex hats.

Cost-effective Products

One huge advantage to using school headwear as promotional materials is that they are affordable and effective. Some promotional means can become quite expensive. With promotional school headwear, you’ll get an affordable product with huge value. On top of that, hats are very durable and can last a lifetime.

Brand Republic is a premium supplier of custom branded products. Contact our friendly staff you learn how we can help you with your branding needs.