Tools & Hardware

Many tools and hardware items are a great printing opportunity.

The most obvious one and popular are tape measures.  Everyone has a tape measure around the house, in the care and of course in the tool kit. So a good tape measure with your logo is a gift you know is going to come in handy and will be used and seen many times over.

Screw drivers are the next big area for hardware.  There are so many options to choose from.  Pocket screw driver kits even ones with a torch light for added benefit.  Screw driver kits with different attachments such a great branded item.

Who hasn’t needed a box opener, ever tried to use your keys to open a box? never again when you give your customers a handy box opener.

Multitools are a must for any household or car boot. pilers, cutters and screw drivers, all items which we can source and brand for you.  These tools will be around with your customers for years and will be used often.

Tools are a perfect marketing tool, anything you know your customers will use or need through out there day is what a good promotional items is so when trying to decide on one try and remember what it is you need and use.  Think about anything you use and which you don’t have lying around, anything which can be branded with your logo or tied into a campaign you are running.  Tools and hardware items are sure to be one of these items.