• Choice Chopping Board

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    Choice Chopping Board


  • NATURA Kensington Cheese Board – Rectangle

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    NATURA Kensington Cheese Board – Rectangle


  • NATURA Kensington Cheese Board – Square

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    NATURA Kensington Cheese Board – Square


  • Pebble Serving Board

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    Pebble Serving Board


  • Gala Bamboo Slate Cheese Board

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    Gala Bamboo Slate Cheese Board


  • Solero Bamboo Serving Board 

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    Solero Bamboo Serving Board 


  • Glass & Bamboo Cheese Board

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    Glass & Bamboo Cheese Board


  • Keepsake Grazing Board

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    Keepsake Grazing Board


  • Bamboo Folding Wine Table

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    Bamboo Folding Wine Table


Promotional Cheese Boards

Brand Republic has a range custom branded cheese boards which can be printed with your logo.

Why are Cheese Boards Popular?

The mindful, artful and careful selection of cheeses and meats make promotional cheese boards so popular. It is convenient to do, yet creates a big impact for any gathering.

What Makes the Perfect Cheese Board?

It’s a mix of textures and flavors that make a perfect cheese board. Here are some ideas to jumpstart you.

  1. Choose Your Promotional Cheese Board

There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from now that it can be quite overwhelming. A rectangular one is the most popular and easiest to work with.

Next thing to consider is the size of your cheese board which depends on your number of guests. Check out our wide selection of cheese boards. We have varied sizes that will meet your requirements.

  1. Choose Your Cheese

After all, this is a cheese board. It’s best to have a good selection of cheeses from soft (camembert or brie) to hard (manchego or aged cheddar), and maybe something new and unique (chevre or blue cheese).

  1. Selection of Meats

Popular meats for a promotional cheese board include salami, prosciutto, Spanish chorizo, and sausages.

  1. Sidekicks

To tie it all in together, you need some crackers, breadsticks, smattering of fruits like berries and grapes, and dried fruits such as apricots and dates. To tickle the tastebuds, you can add some cornichon pickles and olives, and to balance it all, a bit of sweetness from jams and honey.

Excited for your own promotional cheese boards? Get in touch with any of our Brand Republic representatives, and we will work with your requirements.

Cheese boards are a great gift. Can serve cheese or other food like fruit and olives.

Brand Republic is a premium supplier of promotional products and branded merchandise.