Keep yourself protected with our instant hand sanitiser. Perfect for on the go, the gel formula is effective at eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria with no water required. Available in a range of different sizes, both small and portable as well as larger pump bottles. Branded hand sanitiser is perfect for both event giveaways and internal office use to keep your staff protected.

Anti-bacterial wet wipes branded with your logo are great to keep in the car, in your bag or in the office. Stay clean and refreshed on the go. Useful for cleaning both hands and surfaces. Large branding areas for high impact branding. Available in a range of packaging options for greater convenience.

Personal Care Products

There has never been a time like the present, a year ago thinking that we would need Personal Care Products or PPE as part of our daily lives would be unimaginable but as the year went on these items became a staple and necessary part of everyday.

There are a number of items we include in our range which you are sure to need and which your customers and staff will really appreciate.

What are PPE Products

Hand Sanitiser is a part of everyday life, giving this to customers and staff with your logo on it will remind them you are doing your part to keep them safe, we have a range of sizes such as 1litre, 500ml perfect for the office and then also 60ml to keep in your bag.

Personal Care Products cover a range of items.  With masks also being mandatory in Victoria and heavily used across the country and the world. Its a great opportunity to also brand these and hand them out to customers an staff. We provide both disposable face masks as well as reusable cloth masks.  Cloth masks are great at keeping you safe as well as kind to the environment.

Brand Republic also supply other Personal Protective Equipment such as thermometers, alcohol wipes and protective gowns.

All these items can be branded with your logo but we know that safety and reliability is what is important here and we guarantee you we only source from respected companies who are experts in there fields and are experienced in the supply of Personal Protective Equipment. We currently work with a number of healthcare companies, nursing homes and schools and universities ensuring they have the PPE on hand they need to keep onsite staff covered.

Our dedicated page has further information and options so please visit our Personal Care page for further information.

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