Artwork approval

Artwork approval for printing will ensure your logo or design is correct on your products.  To ensure you logo is crystal clear every time have a look at our artwork requirements below.  If you are unsure or require assistance please contact us.  Our graphic designs can help check art files and provide recommendations.  therefore we are also able to help design and create logos.

File Format All artwork files should be provided in EPS or AI format. however if you do not have your logo in either of these formats we can help. The amount of work required will depend on how complex your logo.  We will check your current file format and for example we might just need to outline the text or a redraw might be required but we can discuss this with you in detail.

Most companies will have the required format on file or can get the file from there designer however if this is not the case by us creating one for you, you will have it on file for all your future art requirements.

Please make sure your EPS files are true vector art for example and not just saved as an .eps from a bitmap, jpeg or png file.

Fonts To ensure fonts are not lost or changed, text should be embedded in the file or made into outlines.

Colours Please provide all PMS colours.

If your logo includes shades, fades or gradients please contact us for further information. Sometimes these logo need to viewed by our printer.

Branding Options:

The following are recommended forms of branding:

Screen Printing – Logos can be printed in your corporate colours on the surface of a product using a silk screen. Logos can be printed in up to 4 colours.  This may vary depending on the surface of the product.  This allows your logo stand out for a clear visual impact.

Laser Engraving – this method of decoration is clear, sharp and importantly long lasting. Laser engraving provides a sophisticated tonal effect which enhance the product.
Embossing – stamps your logo into the surface of the product. A blind emboss uses no colour and leaves an impression of your logo in the product.  This creates a subtle effect otherwise colour can be added with use of a foil stamp.

Digital Printing
 – results in the reproduction of your logo with shading or gradients, one for one match. For best result we recommend only to print onto a surface.

If you have any questions about your artwork approval for printing and therefore require assistance for any of the above contact Brand Republic


Artwork Approval