Promotional Eco Products

The environment is a very important subject and what better way to show your customers you care.  We have a wide range of promotional eco products for you to choose from.

Bamboo is a renewable resource which is readily available and very versatile.  Used in many promotional products including pens.  The bamboo pen looks great either engraved or printed with you logo.  For additional impact add an eco note book either made from bamboo or cardboard.

Cardboard is a perfect solution for your promotional items, recycled and reused to make notebook covers and coasters.  the options are endless.  Printed with your logo for added impact.

Cork is a relatively new product being used for promotional items but already a popular choice.  Used for a range of items including notebooks, coasters and coffee cups.

Bags have always been a popular promotional item and now with more choices available,  cotton, bamboo, paper, jute to just name a few. All options are available in various sizes with a range of branding options to use your needs.

The latest trend as well as a growing one is reusable lunch bags, food wraps, produce bags and lunch boxes.  Perfect for the office worker or for school kids and picnics.  We offer a great range of sizes for you to choose from even with a range of cutlery.

If you are looking to make an impact and a statement about your love of the environment choosing on of our many promotional eco products is the best way to do that.