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    Full Colour Place Mat


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    Panorama Place Mat

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Promotional Place Mats

Is your business in the food industry? Do you have a café, bar or restaurant? Looking to host an event. We have promotional place mats that would give your business an added boost. Custom Printed with your logo or design they will look great

Let You Brand Stand Out

Well-designed place mats can add to the interior decoration of your business. It can stand out or blend with the table décor, but it would most certainly show off your table, food and your brand.

It also helps with clean up, and with our promotional place mats, clean up is made easier because the place mats can be wiped or washed, and reused for the next batch of customers.

3 Reasons to Get Promotional Place Mats

  1. Advertise

If you have themed events, or seasonal offerings, why not let your customers learn about it ahead of time through your place mats. While waiting for their food to arrive, customers usually look around the restaurant, even your table décor, so make use of the time to advertise.

  1. Build brand loyalty and recognition

Get your customers to learn more about your business and what you offer. Catch their attention through your promotional place mats. Many customers are eager to try new establishments, and yours might be one of them. The more they know about you, the more it builds brand recognition and loyalty.

  1. Interactive and Engaging

You can customize your place mats with games, trivia, and jokes. This will be a big hit especially with your younger customer base. You can even have your QR code printed that can be lead your customers to your menu, or even your website.

Contact Brand Republic

Interested to learn more about our promotional place mats and how it can help your business? Call us, and we will discuss it more with you.


Brand Republic supplies place mats which can be custom printed with your design. Great for any event or promotional campaign.