Key accessories may be small, but they have a big impact on your business when used as a promotional tool.

We all know the keys are easily misplaced. Help your customers locate their keys more quickly with custom printed key accessories. Not only they are inexpensive and practical gifts for everyone, but they will last way longer than any other promotional item. That said, having your company name attached to your customer’s keys means a long-lasting exposure and extra advertising for your brand.

At Brand Republic, we provide a range of high quality, durable and custom made key accessories such as key chains, key holders and keytags that could become the key to your promotional branding success.

Why Branded Keychains?

Keychains are like an extension of the person carrying them. People carry them or collect these items for different reasons. This is what creates their appeal. Using branded keychains to your advantage creates loyalty and your customers are happy to receive and they won’t forget your business anytime soon.

Why Branded Key Holders?

Each household has different sets of keys right from house keys to car keys and office keys among others. Therefore, a key holder is very essential in order to keep their keys easily accessible, safe and well organized. Definitely, these highly practical items will impress the audience and will make a favorable view of your company.

Why Branded Keytags?

Hanging from your customer’s keychain, you can use keytags to promote your products, services, sales and updates as well as keep your brand close to your customer. Be sure to use your brand colors, put a unique logo and choose a shape to place your contact information.

Promotional key accessories are easy to customize and you can choose colors or models that match your theme and budget. Every time your recipients use these accessories, they will see your name again and again and will keep your brand well exposed in front their eyes.