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Promotional Coffee Mugs

What better way to promote your brand then with a ceramic mug. They are probably one of the widely used promotional product at least for office use. What could be more practical then having your own personal mug in the office to drink your teas and coffees. You can even have your instant noddles on a cold winters day. People defend their office mugs staunchly and with good reason.

Ceramic coffee mugs are most impressive due to the size of print available. They can be easily printed with any logo or message. And due to new printing technologies you can print a logo all the way around with a wrap print. Image the possibilities for your next marketing campaign. You can pad print, screen print and wrap print most anything. You can even sublimation print a photo or logo with colour gradient.

Our extensive range includes some remarkable mugs such as:

… just to name a few.

So next time you are looking at an inexpensive and effective promotional product look to further then ceramic coffee mugs.