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    Printed Tote Bags

    Are you looking for another easy idea for promotional materials? Custom tote bags are an inexpensive substrate you can print on and offer as an additional service to your customer.

    Tote bags have been a well-known alternative to plastic bags. It all started in 1990’s when people realized that plastic bags were ruining the environment. These bags are very popular nowadays and they came in various materials, shapes and sizes. They can be used in many ways and you can carry them everywhere, when going shopping, getting ready for your workout routine or just walking down the street.

    How Reusable Shopping Bags Can Benefit Your Business

    Today, many people are willing to replace plastic bags with reusable totes. Plastic shopping bags are everywhere and nearly 2 billion bags being disposed daily. Not only these plastic bags are costly, but they are also destroying the environment and killing the marine life as well. Thus, conventional plastic bags clearly are not healthy for the environment.

    Good quality reusable shopping bags with your logo or message can boost brand awareness and customer’s reach. That’s why several companies now heavily rely on custom tote bags to make their names linger on the customers’ minds longer.

    What’s more, custom tote bags have progressively evolved into the ultimate statement accessories and become the best alternative to plastic bags. You can reuse them over and over again. The more you use a tote bag, the greater the impact they have on the environment and great exposure for brands.

    Types Of Custom Tote Bags

    While every custom tote bag can be useful, let’s learn about its different materials with their types and uses.

    Custom Non-Woven Bag

    Non-woven bags are reusable totes that are known for their durability and eco-friendliness. In some countries, they are called eco-bags. These tote bags can be for shopping as an alternative to plastics. Although they are not as long-lasting as cloth bags, they are designed to be reusable multiple times.

    We can find customized tote bags being sold and used by shopping malls, groceries, and markets. Two reasons are because they are cheap and can have customization options. They are very durable, flexible, and can be wet, which is why they are perfect for shopping bags.

    Custom Cotton Bags

    Cotton bags are reusable totes that are made of cotton, thus very soft and washable. Compared to a non-woven bag, it is more durable and long-lasting. There are many ways on how to use them. They are good to bring to school, shopping, given as giveaways, gifts, and freebies.

    Cotton bags can have many customization options as well. Fabric paint, iron transfer, tie-dye, and vinyl transfer are some of them. Since they are very customizable and perfect for any outfit or occasion, they are a widely known type of tote bag.

    Custom Bamboo Bags

    Bamboo tote bags are one of the latest reusable bag trends. They are made of bamboo fibers which make them sustainable, soft, and can withstand heavy loads. Aside from using them as shopping bags, they can also look chic and fashionable.

    Bamboo tote bags are also in demand in companies and organizations. Since they look elegant and very durable, they are perfect giveaways and thank you gifts.

    Custom Calico Bags

    Calico tote bags are made of unbleached cotton that makes them 100% natural. They are very light compared to cotton bags and also economical. There are also many customization options for these bags. They are ready for artworks, print screens, and many more.

    Calico tote bags are used by supermarkets for their durability and cutting down shopping bag costs.

    Custom Canvas Bags

    Canvas bags are made of basic weaves and probably one of the known customizable tote bags. They can be made of soft cotton and polypropylene that can be dye for different colors. Since they are cotton-based products, they are not eco-friendly.

    Customizations such as transfer, iron-on, screenprint, and acrylic painting are possible to these bags. They are also perfect for detailed prints and logos.

    Custom Leather Tote Bags

    Leather tote bags are popular in the fashion culture where owners can personalize their own. This customization gives the leather tote bags a unique look that may suit any style and occasion. Name tags, initials, logos, and personalized arts are some popular prints we can see today in these bags.

    Leather dyes such as alcohol ink and oil-based dye are paints used to design leather tote bags. Although these bags are fashionable, owners need to maintain them. Unlike other tote bags, they are sensitive to moisture and heat.

    Help Change The World

    Tote bags are around and becoming part of our daily lives to reduce single-use plastics. Re-usable bags are easy to carry, economical, and usable in different situations. They are applicable for shopping, giveaways, groceries, and fashion. They are durable, flexible, and can last multiple usages.

    Since they are made of materials that can be customized, they are popular with people, especially businesses. A custom tote bag can be a long-term advertisement. For instance, a logo of a company printed on a tote bag can retain one’s mind for a long time. Another, a customized tote bag with a name or initials on it can make a person look stylish and recognizable.

    Overall, a custom tote can create a statement for companies and individuals.

    Custom Tote Bags