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09 Jan, 2018

What’s the deal with Vacuum Flasks

Many people ask “What’s the deal with Vacuum Flasks?” “Why are they sought after so much?”. Well, the thing is that there are so many factors which contribute to the quality of the Thermos. Turns out, there are good ones and really bad ones. We will try to filter out what makes the great T


15 Dec, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions about Promotional Products

Business owners invest in promotional products because they want to gain more visibility and draw more prospective customers to their brand. This is a tried and tested marketing technique that has proven to work in these modern times of digital marketing. At Brand Republic, we have noticed that most


01 Dec, 2017

Factors to Consider When You Purchase Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise can help promote the business and bring more recognition to the company brand. If you choose the right product, you can impress customers and business associates, and compel them to use the promotional merchandise as often as they can. These campaigns might sound old-fashione


20 Nov, 2017

Custom Mugs For Christmas

It is that time of the year again where you need to think about the kind of gift you want to send your customers. It is always a difficult decision to make especially considering the huge range of gift ideas that you have to choose from. If you just look at our website alone there are thousands of g


10 Oct, 2017

Qualities to Look for in Vendors of Promotional Products

Promotional products can be a big investment, especially if you’re running a large campaign and need many different items. It’s important to choose the right store to ensure the money isn’t wasted on poor quality products. At Brand Republic, we recommend looking for the qualities mentioned bel


26 Sep, 2017

Why Focus on The Quality of Promotional Merchandise?

Many business owners are hesitant to spend excessive amounts of money on promotional merchandise and cut corners. Unfortunately, sometimes cutting corners can also mean compromising on the quality of the product. At Brand Republic, we strongly believe that you should focus on the quality of the prod


12 Sep, 2017

Lanyards Great For Concert Events

You may have heard it said that a lanyard is a boring item meant just for office workers and students. But no matter what you have heard nothing could be further from the truth. A lanyard is not just a versatile item that can be utilised across all industries but it can be used at any event. Apart


01 Sep, 2017

Promotional Products

4 Reasons Why Your Cafe Needs Promotional Products If you’ve ever visited popular coffee shops and cafes, you’ll notice a significant brand presence in them. The logos and brand names are everywhere, including the cutlery and utensils. That’s because cafes and coffee shops rely heavily on b