• Stock Shape Domed Fridge Magnets

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    Stock Shape Domed Fridge Magnets


  • Magna Clip Photo Frame

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    Magna Clip Photo Frame


  • Magna Clip Custom Shape

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    Magna Clip Custom Shape


  • Fridge Magnet Button Badges

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    Fridge Magnet Button Badges


  • Croc Magnetic Clip 

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    Croc Magnetic Clip 


  • Fridge Magnet Word Set

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    Fridge Magnet Word Set


  • Magnetic Memo Pad A7 – Full Colour

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    Magnetic Memo Pad A7 – Full Colour


  • Magnetic House Memo Pad A7 – Full Colour

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    Magnetic House Memo Pad A7 – Full Colour


  • Fridge Magnet 65 x 65mm – Square

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    Fridge Magnet 65 x 65mm – Square


Promotional Fridge Magnets

Promotional fridge magnets are always a good idea to boost awareness on your business. Fridge magnets are not only useful for sticking to-do lists and important notes, but they can also be attached to other surfaces around the home or office.

3 Big Benefits of Promotional Fridge Magnets

  • It Works

These have been in use by many businesses for increasing brand promotion for many decades already until now. This is testament that it truly works. Imagine the amount of time one spends in the kitchen, and the number of times a refrigerator door is opened in a day. That gives your business a lot of mileage and adds to brand recall.

  • Cost Effective

Fridge magnets are one of the cheapest promotional products adding to its popularity. And since it is flat, it is easily distributed. These factors give it an advantage over more traditional methods of advertising and marketing.

  • Eye Catching

Fridge magnets are visually appealing, and we can work with you to design one for your business. Incorporate your business branding, add your tagline, and an interesting design, and for sure, your clients will gravitate towards your promotional fridge magnets.

Some Interesting Promotional Fridge Magnets

  • Magnetic Poetry

This is a fun and innovative way of getting known by your target market. It’s definitely not boring and it’s interactive.

  • T-Magnet with Clip

Not only will this serve as a reminder about your business but it can be made functional by adding a clip for holding some reminders or receipts.

Create your promotional fridge magnets with Brand Republic. With branded fridge magnets, you’re guaranteed a message that sticks.