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Brand Republic has an extensive range of promotional pens available for custom branding with your logo. Promotional pens are a budget friendly way of marketing your business. We have a wide range of pens to choose from to suit every budget and marketing campaign. We have everything from our simple plastic pens through to the more tech friendly stylus.

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    Promotional pens have been used as corporate gifts for many decades now. They were initially used as commemorative items and during election marketing. As such pens have become part of our culture. They the type of gift that keeps giving. You would be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t be happy to be given one.


    Promotional pens are a very effective marketing tools. They get passed around for use by people who need them which makes them unique. After all sharing is caring. One of the first things that any user will notice is the beautifully printed logo on it. The best thing is that they can be put into mail and sent to customers all of the world. Moreover, they are one of the cheapest promotional products a business can produce which adds to their popularity.


    Types of Promotional Pens


    Plastic Pens

    While promotional pens are a great way to get your business name out to your customer base, it can often be difficult to find pens that suit your business, as well as being budget friendly. When you are looking at ordering a large number of branded pens, you need to ensure the pens are well made, of good quality and won’t blow your budget.

    Our plastic promotional pens are all that and more. We’ve got a large range of promotional pens to suit any business, whether you’re in the corporate world or run a building site.

    Plastic pens are made of polystyrene which is an inexpensive and recyclable material. Plastic pens can also be mass-produced so they can cost way cheaper than the other promotional pens. Also these they are highly customisable because they can be assembled in different colours, sizes, and funky designs. A fun and out-of-the-box pen is a magnet for exposure and brand awareness.


    Metal Pens


    All of our metal promotional pens are well made and stylish; these quality pens will help promote your business for years. If you are looking for a new branded pen to add to event or conference gift bags, or simply to give away as gifts to new clients as a welcome to your business, or as a thank you gift to your best clients at the end of the year, the metal pen range is a great choice.

    Metal pens are the upgraded version of plastic pens. They can look more professional and expensive. They can also be customised to different types, such as twistable and stylus. Branding methods mainly include laser engrave but also screen print. Metal pens are often gifted by corporations to impress their clients and guests. Therefore, if you want your business to impress then metal pens are a good move. There is a metal pen to suit every budget so they are suitable for any marketing campaign.


    Enviro Pens

    Is your business looking for a way to become more environmentally friendly while still using branded pens as a promotional tool? Our promotional Eco Pens are stylish as well as being environmentally friendly, with a range of products for different budget restraints.

    One way of promoting your business or brand without adding to the waste on earth is by enviro pens. From the name itself, this promotional pen is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Their tubes are made of polished wood or bamboo. These are best to be given to earth-conscious people as a token of gratitude.


    The fusion of metal and wood makes these pens look professional, earthy, and guilt-free to use. Additional colors are also possible to make them fun and vibrant. There are also mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens that are eco-friendly. As mentioned earlier, they are from recyclable materials.


    Light Up Pens


    Light up pens are unique promotional pens because they light up when they are being used. This is an innovative pen because they are catchy, colourful, delightful, and functional. These pens show up at trade shows and corporate events with company logos and names printed.


    These pens have an LED light in the barrel and black ink. They can be used in low lights or even in absolute darkness. Since they are unique and have more functionality than the aforementioned promotional pens, each pen can be expensive. If you want to level up your marketing strategy and be unforgettable they are a great option.


    Premium Pens

    Our premium promotional pen range is the perfect way to promote and market your business, and with a branded pen to suit your business and your budget, we can assist you in finding the best pen for your business.

    Premium pens are crafted only with the finest materials. A premium pen has a durable body, high-quality ink, a smoother rolling ball, and a perfect laser engrave. That makes them impressive promotional gifts for writers and prominent people.

    Promotional pens are simple yet very cost-effective marketing tools because almost anyone needs them. They can be mass-produced, or personalised according to your brand preference.

    Check out our range of branded pens coming in various designs and colors to cater to your marketing requirements. Brand Republic has an extensive range of promotional pens available for custom branding with your logo.

    Promotional Pens