• Side by Side Magnetic Photo Frame

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    Side by Side Magnetic Photo Frame


  • Budget Magnetic Photo Frame

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    Budget Magnetic Photo Frame


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    Mini Magnetic Photo Frame


  • Ultimate Magnetic Photo Frame

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    Ultimate Magnetic Photo Frame


Promotional Magnetic Photo Frame

As a business owner, there are so many tasks and work to get done. Marketing and advertising can be so diverse, and with a limited budget, how does a business owner get the most bang for their buck?

We hear you! We at Brand Republic have a wide selection of promotional products to help you.

One such product are the promotional magnetic photo frames. These are perfect to advertise:

  • Events
  • Product launches
  • Store openings

But don’t limit the possibilities to just these! There are so many more opportunities to make use of the promotional magnetic photo frames. Just browse and choose from our varied options.

There’s More!

These also make great reminders for your business, keeping your business top of mind for your target market. Promotional magnetic photo frames can serve as your business card, showcasing the services or products you offer, with your contact details listed as well.

The Ultimate Magnetic Photo Frame will get the job done. It has 3 photo frames, and it comes with a business card sized magnet. Imagine your target market putting your business card on their refrigerator door or filing cabinets for future reference.

For a minimal cost, promotional magnetic photo frames are an effective advertising tool to reach your target market, while being functional and showing off your business’ playful side at the same time.

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Get lifetime exposure when you give our Magnetic Photo Frame for your clients or prospects. Check out all of the different styles, colors, and shapes, start shopping at Brand Republic today!