• Fridge Magnet Word Set

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    Fridge Magnet Word Set


  • A5 Magnetic Jigsaw

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    A5 Magnetic Jigsaw


  • Magnetic Jigsaw 285mm x 195mm

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    Magnetic Jigsaw 285mm x 195mm


Promotional Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles

Solving magnetic jigsaw puzzles is fun. They are an interactive way of getting your brand seen either at home or in the office.

We can make your marketing campaign exciting and interactive through our promotional magnetic jigsaw, while keeping note of your budget.

Promotional Magnetic Jigsaw Best Options

With our 4 options, you get a great way to showcase your business apart from a simple business card. It gives your target market an added bonus of a photo frame. These are an effective way to build brand recall as these are often displayed on refrigerator doors which are seen all year round.

  • Side by Side Magnetic Photo Frame

This promotional magnetic jigsaw gives you two frames in one. This is best suited for promoting two products.

  • Ultimate Magnetic Photo Frame

This is the best option to showcase your business as it has 3 photo frames, as well as a business card sized magnet and an oval magnet. With one promotional magnetic jigsaw you give your target market a fun way to get to know you more.

  • Budget Photo Frame

Not too much budget, but want to reap the benefits? Try this budget photo frame. And it is designed for mass mailing too, reaching your target market in a snap!

  • Mini Magnetic Photo Frame

This is another option that will fit your budget, but can still be maximized to show off what your business has to offer.

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