• Rectangle Stainless Steel Keytag

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    Rectangle Stainless Steel Keytag


  • Circle Stainless Steel Keytag

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    Circle Stainless Steel Keytag


  • House Stainless Steel Keytag

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    House Stainless Steel Keytag


  • Lens Key Ring – Square

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    Lens Key Ring – Square


  • Lens Key Ring – Rectangle

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    Lens Key Ring – Rectangle


  • Reflector Key Ring

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    Reflector Key Ring


  • Lotus Key Ring

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    Lotus Key Ring


  • Bristol Bottle Opener Key Ring

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    Bristol Bottle Opener Key Ring


  • Mini Hand Sanitiser Key Ring

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    Mini Hand Sanitiser Key Ring


Promotional Key Tags

What Are Key Tags?


Promotional key tags are small, customisable marketing pieces attached to a ring. Most obvious use is to carry your keys, but for a business like yours, it is an enormous marketing tool.

3 Benefits of Promotional Keytags

  1. Promote Your Business

Make sure to include your business logo and branding. This goes a long way towards building brand recognition and loyalty.

  1. Gain Mileage for Your Business

Imagine your customer using your promotional keytag for their keys. They get reminded of your business on a daily basis. Then imagine also the number of other people who get to see the keytag as well, and they get curious about your business and search for you.

  1. Cost-Effective

This could drive new business, strengthen customer loyalty, all at a pocket-friendly price. And there is a wide selection of keytags to suit your business purposes.

Types of Promotional Key Tags

LED PVC Flashlight Keytag

This is a multi-functional keytag because it has a built-in flashlight, customizable, and it can be interactive if you have your QR code printed as well. Customers can easily access your business information with that.


Mini House Flashlight Keytag

This would be perfect if you are in the real estate business. Your business logo will be printed and it invariably reinforces brand recognition.

These are just some of the many choices available at Brand Republic.

Would you like to explore more options for your promotional keytags? Give us a call, and we’ll discuss with your our promotional merchandise to suit any need you have.