Travel is one of the most fun, rewarding and exciting things to do.  Ensuring you have all your travel requirements is important.  This presents so many opportunities to brand promotional items you can give to customers to take with them.

Passport holders

This is where your trip starts.  With a good, well designed passport holder with of course perfect branding. When choosing a passport holder for your customers.  Think about design, size, budget and then how and where to brand it.  A beautifully embossed logo is a great subtle way to brand.  However you decide to brand your promotional passport holder you know its going to be a useful promotional item.

Eye Masks

When travelling you need a good eye masks, we have eye masks with full colour branded eye masks, made from silk type material for the lush feel and with your branding these eye masks are sure to help you rest on your trip.

Luggage scales

Your customers will be so happy they have your luggage scales with them to avoid unwanted excess luggage.  Everything on our site can be branded to ensure customers remember who gave them this fabulous promotional product

Travel Adaptors

Travel adaptors are a must, your customers will be so happy you have given them this promotional item because its so useful.  Travel adaptors will ensure you can keep all your devices charged and ready to go no matter where you are.

Travel items also include first aid kids, manicure kits, luggage tags an of course luggage straps which are a fun item to brand and helps ensure you know which bag is yours.  All our promotional travel items are useful and easy to brand.