• Custom Printed Macaron Individually Wrapped

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    Custom Printed Macaron Individually Wrapped


  • Custom Printed Macarons_3pc Box

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    Custom Printed Macarons_3pc Box


  • Custom Printed Macarons_2pc Box

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    Custom Printed Macarons_2pc Box


  • Custom Printed Macarons with 1pc Box

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    Custom Printed Macarons with 1pc Box


  • Custom Printed Macarons_Catering Pack

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    Custom Printed Macarons_Catering Pack


Promotional Macarons

Macarons originated from France and they are delicate cookies, made of meringue and sandwiched together with a thin layer of sweet butter cream filling. The lightness of macarons and its eye-catching colors draws you in at first. When you take a bite, you are met with a shell that is soft and chewy, and the butter cream ties in all the flavors together.

The preciseness of the baking process makes it daunting for many to bake. That is why it is considered a decadent treat. And that is why it would make a glamorous giveaway to your clients.

3 Occasions for Macarons

Intimate Dinner Party

Promotional macarons would make an impressive giveaway at a dinner party that your business is hosting. Imagine capping the night by handing out boxes of personalized macarons. That will leave you and your business with a positive impact.

Store Opening

Another event could be your office or store opening. Giving a box of two promotional macarons daintily tied up with your business colors, will leave a good impression of your business to your target market.


What better way to commemorate another year of good business, than a bottle of wine and some custom printed macarons. These are a cute reminder of your business arranged on a platter to serve guests or nicely packaged in boxes of three to hand out to your guests. Either way, it will be greatly appreciated.

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