The largest growing product categories of recent time.  As we become more reliant and work remotely its important to ensure we have our technology needs covered and even better if it has your logo on it for customers to see.

Desktop items

Desktop items are sure to be seen by customers.  These include computer mice, both wired and wireless.  Computer mouse with your logo on it is a great gift for your staff and customers therefore ensuring your logo is seen.  Radios also fit into this category as well as speakers, speakers are great for the work desk but also a great item for the home to be used indoor and outdoors.  Bluetooth technology now lets us take our music with us where we go.

USB flash drives

USB flash drives are still one of the most popular giveaways, with so many options to choose from including custom shape usb’s made to any shape and design you need.  A USB is a perfect give away for conference, schools and universities.

Power banks

Power banks are a must for all.  Making sure you mobile phone is always charged up and ready to go is important.  Keeping in touch with the office but family as well.  Our large range of power banks will keep you connected.  Choose one with a higher MAH to get that phone charged quickly.

Other Technology items

Tablet covers and laptop bags are also a great item to break, you know customers will find a need for these ensuring your logo is on display.  Headphones an earphones are a great also available for branding.