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Laser Pointers 

Looking for an innovative way to promote your hotel, conference centre, PA equipment hire or event coordination services and facilities? Why not do it with a promotional laser pointer? Perfect for those businesses in the conference and event field, or for those businesses who provide services to these fields. Laser pointers are a great way to get your brand out to a particular audience and promote your services to those who require them. At Brand Republic we have a small range of promotional laser pointers to suit your requirements.

Laser pointers are also a great gift to your conference speakers or business trainers who may go from conference to conference or run training events for you throughout the year. These personalised gifts are unique, and a great way to say thank you.

The LP007 is the traditional style laser pointer and comes with its own gift box for easy thank you gifts. With the option to laser engrave or screen print your branding message, this laser pointer features and SD card reader, mini USB chip, play slide amongst many other features.

LP009 is an ergonomic laser pointer that will be comfortable in hand all day. With the ability to control the screen from up to 10m away, these pointers are great for lectures and conferences where your presenter may be walking around the room.

For a long-distance laser pointer, you can’t go past LP014. With a control distance of up to 200m, this stylish and well-made promotional laser pointer is perfect for all types of lectures, conferences, training events and corporate events.

Whether you’re looking for a great gift for your staff members, or looking for a way to promote your conference and event business, a promotional laser pointer from our range is a great way to get your brand in front of those who matter.