Promotional USB Still a Hot Corporate Gift

It these times of shrinking budgets and uncertain economic times companies have become more mindful of where they put their promotional dollars.Many products have come and gone in the world of promotional products but one product has endured and that is the Promotional USB.  Promotional USBs have been the mainstay of the promotional products industry for well over 15yrs. What started off as an expensive and exclusive product has morphed into the most popular promotional item in the history of corporate gifts.

The promotional USB has left a mark like no other. It is not certain if there will ever be a product to come along and replace it. Many have tried, like the promotional power bank, but none have even come close. Custom USB Sticks are by far the most important promotional product of the 21st Century. But custom USB sticks are far from being history. They remain as dominant as ever.

Dominates Promotional Products

So when you have a product that has been so dominant as the humble promotional USB why would you look any further. Sure there are other items that you should have in you promotional campaign but throwing in a custom USB stick is a no brainer. Not only are they really cheap but they still carry the cache that they have had all these years. Custom USB stick were and still are the ant’s pants so to say.

Just like the lanyard they easily fit into any promotion. Indeed they are the ideal pair for the custom printed lanyard. They work great together because both can be printed and you can attach a lanyard to a promotional USB. You can even colour match both the items for added impact. So here you have to great items which are interrelated and so inexpensive. Another reason why they should not be left out of any marketing campaign.

That is not to say that there are not other great promotional items. There are literally thousands of promotional products out there. They are not merely promotional products but fantastic promotional items. All one needs to do is put a little thought into what the customer would like to receive and the decision is quite simple. It is remarkable that there is such a large choice of products to enhance a marketing promotional campaign