The Best Gear for Travel

The Best Custom Gear for Travel

Traveling well can be one of life’s great pleasures, whether you’re alone or with family and friends—and this is true now more than ever, after two years of sticking close to home. But what does it mean to travel well? Traveling well means having all the items you need to make your trip comfortable. Whilst you can’t take everything you need with you there are somethings you should definitely consider. If you are planning on a travel related promotion you have a great opportunity to incorporate some really useful promotional products. Here we discuss some great branded items which will complement any trip abroad or at home.


A well-packed bag is one that contains less than you think you need but everything you actually need. If possible, fitting everything into one carry-on and personal item will give you more freedom compared to checking a bag or two. There are a huge range of promotional bags which make an ideal companion on your trip. Whether you are looking for something that you can check in or as a carry on item you definitely have a lot to think about. Choosing the right travel bag to take on a trip or one as a promotional item has never been easier. Simply browse our website and you will find a heap of great choices.

One such travel bag is the Stormtech Rolling Duffle Bag. IT is a heavy-duty duffle bags which is reinforced with waterproof fabric.

It features include:

  • Large Zippered Flap Opening to Main Compartment
  • Large Inside Zip Mesh Pocket
  • ID Pocket
  • Adjustable Side Compression Straps
  • Trolley Wheels and Extendable Pull Handle
  • FABRIC: 100% PVC Coated Polyester with Double-Gauge Polypropylene Webbing
  • 128 Litres

The Rolling Duffle Bag is part of a great range of duffle bags that we have all of which can be used for travel. They can all be custom branded with a corporate logo which is what makes them so great for a corporate merchandising range.

Luggage tags

A good luggage tag should be durable, simple to use, and discreet. Ultimately, a tag should allow someone to get your luggage back to you quickly and easily, and it should withstand the wear and tear of being thrown onto conveyor belts time and again.

Almost everyone travels at some point, and with so many suitcases and travel bags looking the same, people are often on the lookout for a good quality luggage tag that helps them identify their bags in a busy airport, train station or bus station.

Promotional Luggage Tags are a great marketing opportunity for many businesses – from travel supply companies through to coffee shops and apparel designers. They are also a great promotional product if your staff travel a lot; give a branded luggage tag to your staff members and they will be carrying your brand with them wherever they go.

We have a large range of Luggage Tags, perfect for everything from a laptop bag through to a large suitcase, in a range of materials and designs. Our Elite Aluminium Luggage Tags are great for those who travel a lot; the high quality stainless steel faster with brass screw make these tags almost indestructible making them perfect for going from plane to plane or from plane to train.

Our Shiny PVC Self-Locking Luggage Tags are great if you are travelling with a sports team or school group. These bright luggage tags will ensure you won’t misplace any bags, and the self-locking aspect ensures any children travelling with you won’t be able to easily un-tag their bag.

While luggage tags are a promotional product that isn’t often used, there are many companies out there who are in the travel game who have latched onto the great branding options that luggage tags bring. Whether you are in the travel business or in the apparel business making and marketing clothing for travel, a promotional luggage tag is a great addition to your current marketing products.


Clothing is an important part of travel gear. There is only so much space for clothes in a persons luggage so it is import to take the right things. We often don’t think about apparel as promotional items other than the general promotional T-shirts that might get sold at festivals and events, but there is a wide range of promotional apparel options that will help spread your branding and message and it starts with your staff members.

Your customers are your best form of marketing, so getting them into custom branded apparel helps keep the image you work for and provides a modest form of marketing – a logo on a business shirt or on workwear is often the first thing that catches the eye.

Travel apparel options available include:

  • Bathrobes
  • Business Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Ponchos
  • Singlets
  • T-shirts
  • Vests

But what about for clothing for business travel? For your staff you want a shirt that will provide ease of movement such as our business shirts or polos, and for your customers, our promotional bathrobes are a popular choice. So when you think of the The Best Gear for Travel then clothing should be at the top of your list.


If you’ve never traveled with a good pair of socks, you’re missing out. A good pair of socks do wonders when you are spending hours on a plain or train. They are even more important when you are our hiking or seeing the site. Branded socks are yet another opportunity to expand your brands reach whilst benefiting your business’s most important assets. Our range includes three options:

  • Ankle Socks
  • Quarter Socks
  • Full Height Socks

The are all are a jacquard knitted quarter socks that are available in small (US 5-7) and large (US 7-12) sizes, perfect for casual dress or activewear. The socks are woven from a quality blend of 60% cotton and 37% polyester with 3% spandex added for stretch comfort. The body of the sock can be woven in up to four colours at no extra cost. Up to three of these colours can be used in the cuff, heel and toe panels


A good pair of travel flip-flops should be lightweight, cheap, and flat. That way they’re easy to take wherever and it won’t matter if you lose them. We have a great choice which can be custom branded with your logo. These high-density PVC classics are world-renowned for their durability, affordability, and reliable traction, even when wet. While other flip flops can get squeaky when wet, these stay mostly silent, which is why they’re so popular in beach towns all over the world. Flips flops are commonly referred to as thongs in Australia but don’t go calling them that in America where it has a totally different meaning.

Brand Republic has a great range of flip flops which can be custom branded with your logo. Whether you are looking at a screen print option or digital print your needs are covered. This is an inexpensive item which you should definitely consider for your next promotion. Especially if you want to make an impression. When thinking about The Best Gear for Travel then promotional flip flops definitely fit the bill.

Face Masks

With travel both domestic and international face masks have become a staple item. Although a lot of airlines and jurisdictions are no longer enforcing mandatory mask passengers are still opting to wear them. This give companies and businesses are great branding opportunity. Airlines have cottoned onto to this and are providing branded re-usable masks. Others are also seeing the benefit in providing an inexpensive item which customers will embrace and use time and again.

The “best” cloth face mask is the one you’ll wear and not have to fuss with. Based on our research and testing, however, we do have a few recommendations for adjustable masks that we think will cover most faces comfortably and work well when worn properly. To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, any mask is better than no mask. So whilst a surgical mask or KN95 mask provides the best protect a cloth mask offers protection especially if it has a built in filter. Something like our 3-ply face mask should do the trick. The full colour branding option makes it even better.

Toiletry Bags

When your are on the road there are a lot of toiletry supplies that you need if you want to stay looking clean and fresh. For women and men alike it is important to stay comfortable so taking a toiletry bag with you is the best way to go. It probably explains why so many corporation use toiletry bags to build customer loyalty and branding. Airlines use them in business class and first class, and many more corporations are using them too. Even people who travel frequently and are given personal travel toiletry bags use them for gifts if they already have some from previous travels. So as you can see they are a great corporate travel gift if there ever way one.


Everyone needs to have a towel when they travel. Sure you get some if you stay at a hotel or relatives house but they are not the only towels you will need. If you plan on heading to the beach then you are on your own. So it is best to come prepared and bring your own. It is for this purpose that promotional towels are a great option. Your will always find one to fit your budget and the branding is just fantastic.

A personal towel like the Marina Terry Towel is always a great option.. The Marina Terry Towel also had superior absorption when compared with other similarly constructed towels. There are a lot of other options available like the Palm Luxury Towel which is a luxurious 140cm x 70cm plush bath towel which is manufactured from soft 500gsm cotton terry towelling offering superior durability and maximum absorption. Whatever you choose for you promotional gift or gift with purchase your customers are sure to appreciate it.

Neck Pillow

If you have ever had to travel long haul then you know what it’s like to have to sleep on a plain, train or in an automobile. Trying to get comfortable with a headrest or regular pillow is always so hard. Which is why you see heaps of people moving around with neck pillows permanently attached to the necks. There is a good reason for that. It’s because a good neck pillow makes all the difference when on the road.

One such neck pillow is our comfort neck pillow. It is an inflatable neck pillow with a comfortable soft-touch velvet finish. It laser engraves to a matt brown colour. So it is great for branding and even easier to take on the road. The best thing is that not only is it inexpensive but durable. So you know that it will live long into the future with your logo forever displayed on it.


When it comes to travel headphones are a must. Whether it is for an iPad, laptop or your phone you need a headphone to block out all the noise that comes with travel. Thankfully there are a lot of options available all of which are great for branding. Get your brand out there with promotional headphone. Your travelling customers with have a ball with them.

One great option is our noise cancellation headphones. They are the kind you want to have on a noisy airplane. Utilising active noise cancelling technology these headphones block external noise to offer a superb listening experience. Their foldable design and zippered storage case make them ideal for travelling.

Eye Masks

When you’re traveling, it can be difficult to fall asleep to unfamiliar noises and lights. Thats why it is good to have come eyes masks handy when you travel. They are the kind of thing you can keep in your hand bag or pocket to take out when you need it most. As a promotional item they are a great option. Both inexpensive and practical eye mask are sure to hit the mark. Branded with your logo they really stand out. When they are worn in a public setting such as an airplane you will definitely get a huge band for your buck.

Travel Adaptor

In a sea of almost-identical travel adapters, the Universal Travel Adapter stands out, combining the best of the features we look for. It contains the three most common international plugs and a US-style plug, which should cover you in the majority of countries around the world. It has the most USB ports—four of the standard USB-A and one USB-C—of any universal adapter we tested, and it charged more of our devices faster. A replaceable fuse and an included spare should take the brunt of any accidental, unfortunate, or shockingly bad connections.

Traveling through a number of countries or regions it can often get frustrating if you are trying to using gadgets that you have brought from home. Travel adaptors are a speciality of Brand Republic’s as we have been supplying them for over 15 years now. Promotional travel adaptors are the perfect accompaniment from the avid traveller. Branding them is easy so they should be included into any marketing itinerary.

Power Banks

Promotional Power Banks are increasingly used to promote businesses and brands. They are a popular topic amongst marketing teams around the world. When it comes to the The Best Gear for Travel you really can’t go past power banks. There is nothing worse then running out of juice on your mobile phone or any other gadget just when you need it most. Having some extra power handy is the smart thing to do. Using a branded power bank in your marketing campaign is even smarter.

There are a few options available when it comes to power banks. If you are looking for an inexpensive product you may chose one from our Standard Models. On the other hand if you want to value-add and anticipate that the recipient of the power bank may require for battery capacity the our High Capacity Portable Chargers may be the better option. If the customer need extreme portability and doesn’t require a high charge then a Credit Card Power Bank may be the best option.

Printed Options

As mentioned above we can custom print either the power bank or the packaging. We have different printing options available which we are sure will meet your branding requiremement. For the packaging we offer:

  • CKMY print
  • Digital Print

For the devise we offer:

  • Digital Print
  • Laser Print
  • Screen Print
  • Pad Print

The print options you choose will be determined by the model you require and the logo you want printed. For example not all power banks can be laser engraved and not all logos can be screen printed. So before choosing a power bank for your next marketing campaign feel free to send us a brief. We are more then happy to compile a list of recommended products.


Looking for a unique and fun way to promote your brand? Customised binoculars are a great way to market your brand and can be used for a range of companies, from tourism and travel through to sporting activities.

Budget friendly and a great way to ensure your tour guests or spectators have a great day, these branded binoculars can help market your brand. They are perfect for tour and tourism operators such as whale and dolphin watching, or for sporting events such as sailing, surfing and more.

You don’t have to break the budget with promotional binoculars. There is always something that will fit your requirements. If you are looking at something inexpensive then our cardboard foldable binoculars are always a popular choice. Alternatively if you have more money to spend then the 10 x 50 binoculars might be more your style.

Folding Water Bottles

If you’re tired of paying for half a litre of water every time you take a plane trip, try a lightweight water bottle that you can stuff into your bag and then refill once you get past airport security. The Sorento Water Pouch is an affordable 500ml water bottle which collapses when it is empty and takes up very little storage space. It is manufactured from PET and is ideal for personal hydration on the go. The bottle has a large branding area, a handy carabiner clip and a sipper lid.

If you are looking for something more robust then there are dozens of promotional drink bottles available which can be custom branded with your logo. They come in different shapes and sizes and there is one for everyone. There is everything from stainless steel to plastic (BPA free of course) so there is no need to despair. Make drink bottles part of every campaign. They help the environment by reducing single use water bottle waste and keep the humans hydrated.


Packing a stowable daypack, one that stuffs down to fit in your luggage when not in use, is a relatively small investment of space in exchange for a high return of function and flexibility. After researching dozens of packable daypacks across a spectrum of portability, features, and prices, and then packing, unpacking, loading, wearing, and drenching the top-rated finalists during multiple rounds of testing.

If comfort or waterproofing is important to you, check out our range of packable daypacks for travel. Apart from our huge range of backpacks we have other bags which would be considered best gear for travel. Our dry bags, for example, are an excellent option for camping or hiking. So if you are looking at doing an outdoor themed promotion then they are something that you should look at. Dry bags are designed to keep your belongings dry whilst you are in the great outdoors.


For writing your adventures as you travel, you can’t beat the portability, practicality, and romanticism of a pocket notebook. Your don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway to appreciate the pleasure of documenting your trips. If you want to remember every great detail of your journey then a notebook is an excellent way to do it. Custom notebooks, therefore, are a surefire way to remain on the forefront of your customer’s minds when they are travelling. Every time that take out notebook to read another passage they will think of you. It will be like sharing those great times together. Forever!

Sewing Kits

There’s nothing quite like a wardrobe malfunction to put a damper on vacation, especially when traveling with limited clothing. A good travel-size sewing kit allows you to mend a popped button or ripped seam on the fly—or even tackle more pressing issues like fixing a tent, sleeping bag, or backpack. After 15 hours of research, interviews with sewing teachers and avid home sewers, and tests of six travel and full-size kits. A sewing kit is an essential travel item which every person should have.


Last you got to have an umbrella when you travel. Despite the best planning it is hard to escape bad weather no matter when you go. Now with “climate change” the weather is even more unpredictable to expect the unexpected. To that end custom umbrellas are a must for any promotional campaign. They are also well suited for a travel themed promotion. Any umbrella you take traveling should be small, light, sturdy, and affordable.

Contact Brand Republic

So if you are looking for the best gear for travel you have come to the right place. Brand Republic is a specialist supplier of promotional travel gear. Contact us for information and pricing. Our friendly staff are always happy to help.

Budget Branded Promotional Products

Great Budget Branded Promotional Products

With the pandemic slowly becoming history businesses are excited to get back in the thick of things and get their engines running. Everything from tourism to education and beyond is coming back online. That means there is a great opportunity to invest in marketing and reconnect with customers. To that end branded promotional products are an excellent choice to integrate into marketing campaigns. To stretch your dollar further budget branded promotional products are the way to go. Luckily there are some great choices available which would suit any occasion.

Trolley Tokens

Super markets are increasingly wary of the cost associated with the loss of shopping trolleys. Every year millions of dollars are spend to replace shopping trolleys which go missing or to simply track them down and bring back to the store. To minimise the cost they are increasingly integrating a coin deposit system when a $1 dollar or $2 dollar coin is used to unlock it. This has created an excellent opportunity to use branded shopping trolley tokens which are the same size of a coin and which can be attached to a key ring. They can be custom branded with a logo which makes them such perfect promotional products. The best thing about trolley tokens is that they are inexpensive so they will certainly stretch your budget further.

Branded Budget Travel Mugs

If you are looking at spending a bit more but still don’t want to break the budget then travel mugs are always a great option. There are heaps of models available so you are sure to find one that is suitable. The branding options which come with travel mugs also make them great branded promotional products. You have everything from screen print, pad print, digital print and laser engrave. So basically any look you are looking for can be achieved. Best of all travel mugs are a practical item which you know your customer will be using for a long time to come.

Try Some Printed Paper Bags

You can never go wrong with printed paper bags for sure. For budget paper bags you can go with unbleached paper and a single colour print. If you are looking to more of an impact there is the laminated full colour option. In any case they are a great option when promoting your brand. The other benefit is the eco credentials that come with them. Printed paper bags are an excellent substitute for plastic bags. So do yourself and the planet a favour and add them to your branded promotional products list.

Enhance Your Promotion With Printed Ribbon

Printed Ribbon To Enhance Your Next Promotion

Planning a promotion can often be a daunting task. Knowing all the ins and outs of preparing a marketing event takes a lot of time and effort. It is probably the main reason why marketing manager choose to use promotional products suppliers to help them navigate the pitfalls that they can encounter. That said there are sometime simple things which we can use to make our corporate gifts stand out that are will enhance your promotion. One such thing is adding printed ribbon to the mix. It is sure to make your marketing promotion sparkle and it’s such a simple addition to make.

Make Your Promotion Standout!

Giving corporate gifts is alway a satisfying event. Seeing the smile on the recipients face when they receive a cool product is priceless. The corporate loyalty you receive is well worth the time and effort. That is why it is such an integral part of promotional marketing. With printed ribbon you have something which is highly visible and effective yet so price effective. The cost of incorporating printed ribbon into your gift giving is so minuscule that it should be a no-brainer every time.When combined it with custom gift wrapping you really have a something which will enhance your brand in your customers mind.

Great Options For All Occasions

With printed ribbon you have a few options available. There are different thicknesses and printed processes to ensure you can meet your branding goals. With ribbon thicknesses there a four different options:

  • 15mm
  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 50mm

There is also the choice of screen print and digital print depending on your logo and the amount of colours you wish to print. So in that regard printed ribbon has the versatility you need to meet your branding requirements.

Call Brand Republic Now

Brand Republic have friendly and knowledgeable staff which can help you get through any queries or difficulties you may have. Give us a call today and let us help you achieve your promotional marketing objectives.

How to Clean Drink Bottles & Travel Mugs

How to Clean Drink Bottles & Travel Mugs

Drink bottle and travel mugs are a mainstay of the promotional industry. Heaps of corporations have chosen to integrate them into their marketing precisely because they are so popular and well received by recipients. On the flip side we all like to get them as corporate gift because drink bottles and travel mugs are so useful to have around. One of the question we have though is what is the best way to keep them clean. How to Clean Drink Bottles & Travel Mugs is something we should all pay attention to. To that end here’s some tips on how how to effectively clean all your bottles and mugs.

The natural default is to just put your travel mug or drink bottle in the dishwasher. Whilst this might be ok for most dishes and glasses it is not always true about these items. For one this they are usually branded with the logo of the business or organisation that gave them to you in the first place. These can easily come off if placed in a dishwasher. Also the bottle or mug itself might not be dishwasher safe. It is therefore best to check the manufacturers instructions to see if indeed they are ok to put in a dishwasher. Sometimes it might state on the bottom of the container, but if it’s not, check the manufacturer’s website. If your mug or bottle can go through the dishwasher then that is great. If not then a simple hand wash is the better option.

If the bottle or mug is dishwasher safe then you should remove any lids or other small pieces and securing them the  dishwasher basket. This should keep them from washing down into the bottom of the tub, where they might get wedged against and cause damage to themselves or the dishwasher. It is important to note that insulated mugs usually aren’t dishwasher-safe. The heat and water pressure inside a dishwasher can damage the container’s vacuum seal. The dishwashers can also scratch or wear away the container’s finish including any custom printed logo, as mentioned earlier..

Often with promotional products such as travel mugs and drink bottles the only option is to hand wash. That’s fine because it isn’t a hard thing to do. Especially with drink bottle which people usually use as water bottle there is not much to clean. A bit of a wash around the opening and rinse is all that is really need. Most of the time, dish soap and water will do the trick. Drip a little dishwashing detergent into the bottle or mug, add some warm water, and shake!

With travel mugs they might require a bit more attention because they are usually use for hot beverages like coffee which leave a stain. Depending on the design of your mug or bottle, you may need a few brushes off different sizes to clean in and around the lid mechanism, the spout, and deep into the vacuum bottle or mug body itself. The opens are usually large so this process should not present you large a challenge. Again some warm water and a bit of elbow grease should do the trick

If your bottle or mug has a linings that you fear can be damaged by bottle brushes or abrasive sponges then caution is recommended. For those items you can use a non-abrasive sponge to clean or some vigour shaking and rinsing. If they are dishwasher safe then that is the easiest solution.

What ever you do though make sure you regularly clean your drink bottles and travel mugs. As they say “cleanliness is close to Godliness”!

12 Ways to Use One of Our Branded Reusable Produce Bags

12 Ways to Use One of Our Branded Reusable Produce Bags

It this day and age of climate change and mass pollution people are increasing looking at ways to reduce single plastic bags. In the past we have discusses the benefits of custom totes bags and how they can contribute to waste reduction. Another area where we can reduce waste is with produce bags. Every time we go shopping for fruit and vegetable we bring home plastic bags which end up in the bin. That is an issue which can be easily addressed with branded reusable produce bags. Imagine replacing all those discarded plastic bags with a replaceable option. How great would that be?

At Brand Republic we have some reusable produce bag options which can be custom branded with your logo. So not only do you have a product which you can use to spread your branded reach it is something which will greatly benefit the environment. The great think about produce bags is that they can be used for more than just bring home your fruit and vegetable from the shops. Here we explore some of the great uses for them which makes them an even more valuable product which your customers will love.

1. Wash your delicates

There are certain things that you just can’t allow to float freely in your washing machine. If you have read the user guide it will tell you as much. Thinks like bras and things with hooks can easily catch onto you washing drum and cause issues. Other things like pantyhose and belts can get tangled with the rest of your closes which make the post-washing experience less than idea. This is where produce bags come in handy because their mesh construction allows these items to be cleaned without causing havoc in your washer or dryer.

2. Dry Your Fruit & Veggies

People like to give there produce a rinse after getting bags from the markets. People inevitably can’t help but touch things before they buy them so it is a good idea to do so. With a nice little mesh bag drying them is easier than ever. Just hang them up some where and put them in the fridge when they are dry. It’s as easy as that.

3. Pack your lunch

Instead of using a plastic ziplock bag which will inevitable get thrown away why not use one of these. You can use it over and over again and simple give it a wash when it gets dirty. Its the best thing in the world to carry your lunch in. Alternatively we do have a great range of lunch boxes which can be custom branded with your logo and also serve as a way to reduce plastic waste.

4. Replace your plastic shower caddies

Our largest bag, roughly the size of a small shopping bag, can easily hold shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and anything else you may need. Afterward, use the drawstring to hang the bag somewhere it can dry. What a great idea especially if you live in shared accomodation such as a dorm or shared house.

5. Use it instead of gift wrapping

Instead of picking up a paper gift bag, wrap your present and place it in a produce bags. That way not only are you giving them an actual gift but a gift that keeps giving. What a great way to make an impression whether with a corporate gift of a personal one.

6. Store cords and cables

Cords and cable can really get in a mess. Especially if you throw them in a draw with your other stuff. What better way to keep everything neat. Also you can prevent damage to those dangly things by not having to pull them apart.

7. Keep Your Kids Toys in Them

When you are carrying around all your kids stuff especially a baby what better way to keep things separated. By keeping all your kids favourite toys in a mess bag you won’t have to fumble around as you desperately reach into your bag trying to find one to shut them up with. A mesh produce bag with make all the difference.

8. Keep a purse in order

The same goes with your purse and your own personal belongings. What a great way to operate what you really need from the mesh mash. They can double as cosmetic bags, pencil cases, and first-aid kits. And because they’re mesh, you’ll have an easier time identifying what you need on sight.

9. Store a wet swim suit

This is one thing we could all do with. Living in a country such as our swimming and recreating at the beach is a favourite past-time. Instead of throwing that wet swim suit in your bag with your other stuff put it in a mesh bag. That way at least it gets to dry a bit on your way home and keeps your other belongings from getting wet.

10. Carry Your Shoes

To avoid dirtying the rest of your possessions, slip your shoes into a mesh produce bag before stuffing them into your luggage. This is especially helpful if you’re taking your shoes on trail runs, hikes, or anywhere else they’ll get mucked up. Who wants their smelly shoes swishing around with their other stuff. Nobody!

11. Keep your dirty clothes apart

This is a similar situation as your shoes. For travel, turn one of your mesh bags into a dedicated dirty laundry bag. These breathable bags will also air out any smelly clothes, so you won’t be greeted with an awful stench upon your return home. Think of dirty underwear and socks. Yuck!

12. Organize your luggage

The produce bags can easily double as packing bags. For instance, you can use one bag for toiletries, another for socks and underwear, and the rest for whatever you desire.

Branded Produce Bags

So if you are looking for great promotional products look no further. Not only are they inexpensive but you can count on your branded reusable produce bags staying in use long after you have gifted them away.

Great New Stainless Steel Mugs

Check Out Our Great New Stainless Steel Mugs

It is finally getting cooler and now is the time to start thinking about what you might use for your autumn promotion. It is a great time to still be outdoors and camping is definitely an option now there are less flies and mozzies. So why not look at a product that is both for the season and years round. Our great new stainless steel mugs are a great opportunity to expand your brand’s reach.

Carabiner Coffe Mugs For Hiking

Just as I said it’s a great way to get out and about so there is no better activity than hike. Australia has a lot of great spots for it so people will be gearing up and getting out. The carabiner coffee mug is an excellent option for just such a think. It might be a coffee mug but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink tea, water or any other beverage. It fact it is even good for some instant noodles if you have some hot water with you. In any case it brand never nicely with either a logo engrave (recommended) or pad print. Your logo will never look better.

Great New Enamel Stainless Steel Mugs

Our new Bendigo mug is a durable 500ml stainless steel mug which is BPA-free.  It has a stylish enamel finish which looks great. The mug is also exceptionally strong and lightweight which makes it ideal for camping, tramping, picnics and outdoor activities. With this mug you would be looking at a pad print option on the enamel finish and believe me it will look fantastic.

Contact Brand Republic

So if you are looking at new promotional products for the season then look no further than promotional stainless steel mugs. For any questions or pricing talk to one of our friendly staff. They are very knowledgable when it comes to promotional products and they are always happy to help.

Bendigo Enamel Mug

Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Business

Gift Ideas For Your Business

The importance of promotional products and corporate gifts is increasingly being realised by business owners and industry leaders. The main reason is the knowledge that the best way to gain customer loyalty is through direct engagement. The are mainly opportunities to engage with customer face to face so a branded gift is integral to such interactions. Some businesses struggle to figure out which gift would be perfect for corporate gifting. It is on such occasions that connecting with a good promotional products provider is so important. Let Brand Republic has help you with Gift Ideas for Your Business just like they have thousands of others.

Some Gift Ideas

But we have come to your rescue with a solution. We have listed down a few corporate gift ideas for your business that you can give to business partners, employees, customers, etc.

  • Pens: Pens are one of the most professional gifts in the history of mankind. Everyone requires pens at their workplace for writing down information. Therefore, if you do not know much about what people like then you should go for pens because they are the safest option and will be liked by everyone.
  • Bags: You can also go for bags because people require them for carrying their stuff from one place to another. Especially when people are going to their workplace, they require bags to bring their essentials from home. Therefore, you can surely pick bags as your corporate gift.
  • Bottles: Bottles are also a safe gifting option because most people carry them to work. Additionally, if you get your logo printed on these gifts then you will also get a free promotion without putting in a lot of effort. People will feel touched when they get such gifts from you.
  • Umbrellas: Umbrellas are a very useful gift for people that they can use to protect themselves from sunlight, rain, etc. So, if you are looking for a comparatively bigger gift then you can go for umbrellas.

Corporate Wear In Marketing

Another excellent option to expand the reach of your brand is corporate wear. It is such a no brainer when it comes to promotional marketing. So, if you are searching for a company that can provide you with the best quality corporate wear then you must contact Brand Republic. At Brand Republic we have an extensive range from head to toe. All of which can be custom branded according to your needs.

Get Fresh With Custom Air Fresheners

Custom Air Fresheners For A Great Promotion

Freshen up your next promotion with custom air fresheners. They are an inexpensive way to build brand recognition with a positive scent. Also known as car deodorisers, our car air fresheners are a great way to promote your business or organisation. Some of the great features include:

  • Your message will hang around with this billboard in a car!
  • Scented heavy weight coaster board with black elastic loop.
  • Choose standard car shape or design you own custom die cut shape.
  • Current fragrance choice of Lemon, Apple or New Car, ask for availability of other fragrances.

Air Fresheners Are Great Branded Products

If you are looking at promoting your brand or a future event branded products are a sure fire way to do just that. The benefit of branded products is that they stay with your customer long after your initial promotion. That is why custom air fresheners are such a great option when it comes to branded products. Not only will you customer look at it everyday whilst they are driving their car but so will other passersby.

Contact Brand Republic For Your Marketing Campaign

At Brand Republic we have thousands of products on offer to help you with your brand expansion. Our capabilities extend into all aspects of branding and logistics. If you are looking at this or any other promotional product feel free to contact Brand Republic. Our friendly staff are always happy to help.

Popular Promotional USBs For You Next Promo

Our Popular Promotional USBs Stand Out

In the world or promotional products there are a few products that are bound to endure the test of time. They are the go to products that businesses use time and again in their market campaigns. One such product is promotional USBs. Whilst lots of other products have come and gone they are still a staple product used by businesses far and wide. Technology has changed a lot in the past few years but our popular promotional USBs are still proving to be an import way for organisations to engage with their customers.

Uses For Promotional USBs

With most promotional products they aim is just to use them as a corporate gift. With USBs the branding aspect is only one use. Indeed promotional USBs have the added benefit of being able to transmit information between the business and the client. We find that there are a whole host of different companies that benefit from their usage. You have people such as photographers that use them to supply their customers with the finished product. Then you have others such as realestate agent who load them with important documents for vendors and buyers alike. Whatever your industry you will find a use for our popular promotional USBs. If nothing else using them as a branded merchandise with hit the mark.

Bundled Branded Products

With the health crisis starting to stabilise around the global companies are welcoming the opportunity to engage with customer on a physical level again. Whilst there hasn’t been a total return to the events like in the past organisations are slowing dipping their toes back in the water. Events with limited attendees are starting to make a return so gift packs are as well. Bundling appealing branded products is a spark re-engagement with your customers. There are lots of products which complement our popular promotional USBs especially in a gift pack.

Popular Branded Products

There is no shortage of products that you can bundle in a gift pack. A great way to do it is to incorporate them with custom tote bags so it is easy for attendees to take them home. Custom tote bags are inexpensive but look excellent branded with your logo. Best of all there are heaps of options available so you are sure to find one that suits your event. Some great examples of branded products which go well together are:

That said the sky is the limit which gives you a chance to get creative.