Promotional USB Still a Hot Corporate Gift

It these times of shrinking budgets and uncertain economic times companies have become more mindful of where they put their promotional dollars.Many products have come and gone in the world of promotional products but one product has endured and that is the Promotional USB.  Promotional USBs have been the mainstay of the promotional products industry for well over 15yrs. What started off as an expensive and exclusive product has morphed into the most popular promotional item in the history of corporate gifts.

The promotional USB has left a mark like no other. It is not certain if there will ever be a product to come along and replace it. Many have tried, like the promotional power bank, but none have even come close. Custom USB Sticks are by far the most important promotional product of the 21st Century. But custom USB sticks are far from being history. They remain as dominant as ever.

Dominates Promotional Products

So when you have a product that has been so dominant as the humble promotional USB why would you look any further. Sure there are other items that you should have in you promotional campaign but throwing in a custom USB stick is a no brainer. Not only are they really cheap but they still carry the cache that they have had all these years. Custom USB stick were and still are the ant’s pants so to say.

Just like the lanyard they easily fit into any promotion. Indeed they are the ideal pair for the custom printed lanyard. They work great together because both can be printed and you can attach a lanyard to a promotional USB. You can even colour match both the items for added impact. So here you have to great items which are interrelated and so inexpensive. Another reason why they should not be left out of any marketing campaign.

That is not to say that there are not other great promotional items. There are literally thousands of promotional products out there. They are not merely promotional products but fantastic promotional items. All one needs to do is put a little thought into what the customer would like to receive and the decision is quite simple. It is remarkable that there is such a large choice of products to enhance a marketing promotional campaign



Lanyards Great For Concert Events

You may have heard it said that a lanyard is a boring item meant just for office workers and students. But no matter what you have heard nothing could be further from the truth. A lanyard is not just a versatile item that can be utilised across all industries but it can be used at any event. Apart from being practical for daily uses, they are also great for concerts and events. One such event that they are great for is concerts. It you have attended a concert of any sort whether a rock concert or pop concert or gone to see your favourite band at your local concert hall then you most certainly would have seen someone wearing a lanyards.

I have been to numerous concerts myself when I was younger and I have seen quite a few. I attended heaps of blues concert in the past and I saw quite a few. They are aways attended my staff who could not do without a lanyard nor could they function without one. With large events such as rock concert it is important for attendees to be able to identify staff as those events. Any concert that you attend you will invariably see all sorts of support staff looking after the every needs of the concert goers. There are of course the ushers. How would anyone be able to identify the ushers without their lanyards and polo shirts with “staff” emblazed across them. Also how could trust their credentials without their ID attached to their lanyard.

People also inevitable get sick at these rock concerts so finding first aid staff needs to be easy and they need to be visible to others at the event. They too would require the staff to have identification would would necessitate a lanyard and an ID card attached.

So next time you go to a rock concert or a pop concert with Madonna, Tailor Swift or the Rolling Stones then will definitely see staff are wearing and you will see that a printed lanyard and you will realise that they are not boring after all.

Lanyards For Events

Lanyards For Events

Lanyards for a Cheap and Memorable Gift

These days it is becoming more and more difficult to manage ever shrinking budgets in the work place. This as true for marketing departments as it is with other corporate departments. Which ia why it is important to look for inexpensive products to incorporate in you promotional products inventory. One such product is lanyards. Lanyards are a great way of getting your brand out to a wider audience, and are a versatile product to use in your business. From events and functions through to everyday staff use lanyards re great.  A lanyard for cheap can market your business to an audience you may not typically reach through your normal marketing.

There are three main uses for lanyard – events & functions, sporting events and general office use. For events and functions you need a custom lanyard that looks good and gets your brand across while still looking professional. There are a number of lanyards which are suitable in particular our silk lanyard. It is perfect for giving that little bit extra class and adding value to a product with very little additional cost.

Lanyards for Sporting Products

For sporting events you would probably want to consider something comfortable and something that will get your brand across. Our sublimation lanyards are perfect as they allow for a bright and bold print with a photo quality finish. Also the polyester lanyards are a great choice for an all-round promotional lanyard that looks good and is comfortable to wear.

Lanyards for Your Office

For general office use your first choice should be something comfortable to wear as your staff members are likely to have it on them at all times. Again, our Satin Lanyards are perfect for day to day use and will bring a touch of professionalism. They allow for a great logo print, and will bring attention to your brand.

Lanyards are a great promotional tool and often get used over and over again bringing your brand more marketing opportunities. If you need a promotional lanyard for your next event or function you should consider one of the many options we have available.

Lanyards for Cheap

Lanyards for Cheap