Branded Products And Corporate Marketing

In this digital age we live in life is changing at a rapid pace. The interconnectivity of the world means that communities are interacting more than ever. Especially with the rise of social media the barriers separating people are slowly but surely being eroded. The breaking down of these barriers is not only having a lasting effect on how we form relationship but also how we do business. Companies have had to embrace the new reality to be able to prosper and grow. It is not always easy but it is definitely necessary. Corporate marketing department have had to adapt in the process. The new digital age has not just effected ways companies conduct their advertising, but their marketing in general. This includes the way they incorporate branded products into their marketing campaigns.

Branded promotional products are an integral part of any marketing campaign. Since the advent of capitalism and modern business products and more precisely branded promotional products have been the cornerstone of any respectable marketing strategy. The attainment and retention of customer loyalty is not only seen as logical but essential to the very survival of any business enterprise. Even Karl Marx himself would recognise the duality that is encapsulated in giving something back to the consumer that is so responsible for any firms existence. The Communist Party itself would give away little lapel pins and other party paraphernalia to ensure the loyalty of the masses. Why would corporatists act any different. A branded promotional product sets the scene. It creates the mood. The branded product is the bees knees of any marketing departments existential being.

Branded Products and Digital Marketing

Has this changed with the coming of the digital age you may ask? Absolutely not! Why would the relationship between the consumer change simply because of the arrival of a new medium. The digital realm is merely an extension of what was already here, namely television and the the internet. Going digital hasn’t diminished the need for branded products but has enhanced it. Think about the new phenomena of social influences. A few years back and it was only celebrities that got the job of promoting products. Actors and singers and sports stars were the exclusive promoters of company’s wares.

These days it is any individual with a profile, not necessarily talented or skilled in anyway other than the way they pose or how they present themselves. Yet still omnipresent in all of this the the branded product. Inevitable the profile means nothing without giving something back to the consumer. The lifeblood of inter-relational commerce.

Corporate Marketing

Corporate Marketing

Stand Out Without Blowing The Budget

Marketing a business in today’s economy can be either tough or easy, depending on how you go about it. Sure there is more competition than any before. Some industries facing new entrants to the market every week, but this is where business owners need to be smart. They need to set aside some time to plan how to market their business and products. Standing out without blowing your marketing budgets is something you always need to consider.


There are plenty of reasons to consider promotional merchandise when trying to set your business apart from your competitors. Start with the fact that promotional gifts and merchandise are often kept and used for a long time. It is thought that these gifts and merchandise items are kept for a year or more giving you plenty of opportunities to spread awareness of your brand.


In-store branded items for purchase

Thinking about charging for your promotional products? Why not choose a cost effective option, such as a well designed branded metal pen. You can give them away as gifts to your customers and clients, and to surrounding businesses who may be able to use your services or refer you to others you will. By giving these items away, you are raising both the opinion of your business to the person who receives the item. Also you will be spreading awareness of your products or services.


Did you know using promotional materials is often quite a lot cheaper than traditional advertising, especially over the longer term? And you don’t just need to stick to traditional promotional materials. These days, items such as coasters, drinkware, keychains and confectionery can all be used to help promote a brand. Of course some of these items are more suitable to conferences and functions, but a simple box of promotional chocolates or a tin of mints don’t need to be expensive and are a great little gift.


Heaps of promotional product categories

If you have been browsing through website after website of promotional products you’d know just how big the range is. Brand Republic has a range of almost 60 categories with hundreds of products to choose from. With options ranging from car accessories to umbrellas and stickers to footwear, there is something for every business, sporting association, school and community group.


Brand Republic have been selling promotional merchandise in the Australian market for a number of years now. This is including for large corporations, small businesses, schools, universities, Government agencies and many more. Some of the more popular options for promotional merchandise over the years have included USB’s, calendars, bottled water, floor mats and hats.


Brand Republic is committed to ensuring you get a high quality promotional product at an affordable price that will help set your brand apart from your competitors. With friendly staff who are happy to answer any questions you may have, we expect that your experience with Brand Republic will result in more customers and clients for your business.


To talk to one of our friendly staff regarding your promotional merchandise and branding requirements, please call us on 03 9646 7066.


Marketing Budgets


Branded Products and Where to Brand

In this highly competitive business world companies are always jostling for ways to get their products at the front of the group. There are a huge range of marketing methods that corporations use to achieve this end one of which is the handing out of branded products. The hope is they by giving out gift the business can build customer loyalty and expand the reach of the brand. Whilst in most cases this is true it is also imperative to have a well thought out plan. Where to brand branded products is an important consideration.

Although giving gifts in the form of branded products is never a bad idea one must  also consider where to brand and how to place the logo. It is important when planning a branded product that you have your logo well placed and attractive to the user. Sometimes it is difficult to strike a balance between having a tasteful looking product and yet having something that sticks out. Understanding your objective is always important when planning which products to use.

Flexible products are good products

A good example of a product which allows you flexibility is the Madrid Coffee Mug. This mug is essential a photo mug which basically means it has a sublimation print. With sublimation print it allows you to print a large wrap around logo. More impressively the print can be of a photo or of a logo with a gradient. This flexibility really allows you to create an impressive looking value added product without breaking the budget or appearing to go over the top. The same can be achieved with other products which allow for this printing method such as our credit card USB series

So when looking to embark on yet another marketing campaign make sure you get your branded products right. A well planned promotional marketing campaign is money well spent.

Where to Brand Branded Products

Where to Brand Promotional Products