Branded Products And Corporate Marketing

In this digital age we live in life is changing at a rapid pace. The interconnectivity of the world means that communities are interacting more than ever. Especially with the rise of social media the barriers separating people are slowly but surely being eroded. The breaking down of these barriers is not only having a lasting effect on how we form relationship but also how we do business. Companies have had to embrace the new reality to be able to prosper and grow. It is not always easy but it is definitely necessary. Corporate marketing department have had to adapt in the process. The new digital age has not just effected ways companies conduct their advertising, but their marketing in general. This includes the way they incorporate branded products into their marketing campaigns.

Branded promotional products are an integral part of any marketing campaign. Since the advent of capitalism and modern business products and more precisely branded promotional products have been the cornerstone of any respectable marketing strategy. The attainment and retention of customer loyalty is not only seen as logical but essential to the very survival of any business enterprise. Even Karl Marx himself would recognise the duality that is encapsulated in giving something back to the consumer that is so responsible for any firms existence. The Communist Party itself would give away little lapel pins and other party paraphernalia to ensure the loyalty of the masses. Why would corporatists act any different. A branded promotional product sets the scene. It creates the mood. The branded product is the bees knees of any marketing departments existential being.

Branded Products and Digital Marketing

Has this changed with the coming of the digital age you may ask? Absolutely not! Why would the relationship between the consumer change simply because of the arrival of a new medium. The digital realm is merely an extension of what was already here, namely television and the the internet. Going digital hasn’t diminished the need for branded products but has enhanced it. Think about the new phenomena of social influences. A few years back and it was only celebrities that got the job of promoting products. Actors and singers and sports stars were the exclusive promoters of company’s wares.

These days it is any individual with a profile, not necessarily talented or skilled in anyway other than the way they pose or how they present themselves. Yet still omnipresent in all of this the the branded product. Inevitable the profile means nothing without giving something back to the consumer. The lifeblood of inter-relational commerce.

Corporate Marketing

Corporate Marketing