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How To Buy Promotional Products Online

These days it seems every thing you want to purchase you can find it online. Long gone are the days where you had to search through the phone book of go to every single shopping mall just to find a basic item. It seems that most products are just a click away. The same can be said about promotional products and corporate merchandise. It can all be found online.

It is true that we still give out catalogue. It is sometimes easier to browse through a catalogue and mark out the products that you like. Also they are a great coffee table book. Something to look at when you are just waiting around for some thing to happen or someone to come to an appointment. But if you want to see a huge collection of promotional products then you will probably have to turn to the web for more information.

Purchase promotional products online is easy. You find a website you like. Just like our website Brand Republic. When you find a product you simply send through a quote request and in a short period of time someone will reply to you will all the information you need. If you need additional information it is alway simple to just send an email and await a response. It is also great when the company you are dealing with has specialist website just like our caps website or promotional USB website.

So next time you are looking for a corporate gift you may want to check online and if you happen to come across Brand Republic then you will know how lucky you are.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Purchase Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great way to establish your brand and increase visibility in the real world. Big global companies use promotional products and imagery to keep their brand visible and relevant. This strategy isn’t limited to just big companies because even small businesses can create great campaigns around promotional products if they plan it well. At Brand Republic, we believe that promotional products are especially useful to small businesses because they need something special and impactful to establish a presence in the market.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to plan a good campaign around promotional products, especially if you have no experience with marketing and don’t know which products to use. You should ask yourself the questions we’ve mentioned below. The answers to these questions will help you create a good campaign.

  1. How much are you willing to spend? 

This is the first question you should ask because everything depends on your budget. Some promotional products will be out of your reach if you’re on a smaller budget. Most useful and interesting products are quite affordable so don’t worry about a tight budget. Make sure your budget offers some room for some added expenses. You should also make sure you don’t strain your finances in order to create a solid marketing campaign around promotional products. You don’t need to spend too much to see good results.

  1. How many products do you need? 

This is also an important factor to consider before you shop for promotional products online. If you purchase too few items, some of your target audiences will be left out and that will have an impact on your reputation. If you purchase too many promotional items, you’ll have to arrange for storage and that would be a waste of time, effort, and money. Carefully calculate the number of people you want to give the products to and the place your order. It’s a good idea to purchase a few backup pieces. For example, if you need 50 items, you should consider buying 60 to 70 so you might have some backups.

  1. Where should you place your company name or logo? 

Business owners purchase promotional products because they want to promotion their brand. You need to place your company name or logo on the promotional item to get the best returns on your investment. You need to determine the placement of this logo or company name carefully because your target audience won’t use the product if it has a glaring logo with the company name on it. The logo or company name should be placed in a discreet but relatively visible location. Consider the product you want to purchase carefully and your target audience before you determine the placement of the branding.

You can know more about our products and services at Brand Republic by getting in touch with us today! You can call us on 03 9646 7066 or email us at You can also contact us through this form and we’ll get right back to you.

The Best Promotional Merchandise for a Child-Oriented Business

It’s not easy to come up with good promotional campaigns for businesses that target children. If you sell toys, games, children’s sports items, clothing, accessories, or other items designed for children, you need to sell your products to both the kids and their parents. At Brand Republic, we believe that you can design great marketing campaigns with promotional merchandise, even if you’re a child-oriented business. Here are some recommendations that you’ll find useful:

  1. Toys and Games

 This is the most obvious choice for promotional items. Kids love to play games and will be delighted by any toy or game you gift to them. These items aren’t expensive so they can easily fit into your marketing budget. All you need to do is determine what kind of games the children would like and determine where you can place your branding on the promotional merchandise. Here are some of the options available to you:

  • Colourful springs
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Boomerangs
  • Classic Puzzle Games
  • Custom Sliding Tile Puzzles
  • Mini Fans

All of these items will keep a child’s interest engaged for a long time and bring more visibility to your brand and company.

  1. Stickers

 Children love stickers, especially if they feature fun designs and colours. Stickers are also very affordable to make and easy to transport. You can create a unique and interesting design that fits in with your brand image and appeals to your target audiences at the same time. You can also add your company brand name or logo to the stickers to improve visibility for your brand. Just make sure the logo and company name doesn’t overpower the design and visual appeal of your stickers. Children won’t be interested in them if the design is boring.

  1. Balloons

 Balloons are excellent promotional merchandise because they’re visible and immediately attract the eye. Children love balloons and will be delighted to receive them regardless of the branding and design visible on them. Balloons are the ideal promotional items for fairs, conventions, and events and they’re affordable enough that you can easily hand them out to dozens of children without making a dent in your marketing budget. Balloons also have a long shelf-life when they’re not inflated so you can purchase them in bulk and store them on your property for special occasions, holidays, and events.

  1. Plush Toys

 Plush toys are appealing to a large number of people, not just the children. That’s why they’re ideal promotional merchandise. These soft and pretty toys are a perfect fit for businesses that target children and their parents and they have a long-lasting appeal as well. People rarely discard their plush toys, especially if they’re in good condition and look appealing. If you good a good quality product and place your logo or name in a good location, you’ll get a lot of ROI from these toys.

You can know more about our products and services at Brand Republic by getting in touch with us today! You can call us on 03 9646 7066 or email us at You can also contact us through this form and we’ll get right back to you.