Kickstart Your Next Promotion With Branded Mugs

Kickstart Your Next Promotion

There is never a better time to promote your business than the present. You want to stay at the forefront of your customers minds. Building loyalty is not just a part-time pursuit when it comes to business so you gotta stay on the ball. Yes we have been going through an incessant amount of lock downs, which can be annoying when you are trying to run a business, but it will all come to an end at some point and you want to be ready to take offer. To that end a good inexpensive promotion is the way to go. What better way to do that than with branded mugs.

Branded Mugs for You Promotion

It has been a pretty mild winter to be honest. Sure it can be a bit chilly in the morning but by midday it tends to get pretty warm. You might think that would stop people warming up with a cuppa. Well it doesn’t. People like to drink a nice cup of coffee no matter what the conditions outside. It not only gives them some relief but it is often a way to socialise in the office. Even if you are stuck at home it gives you a reprieve from the mundane reality of working in isolation. That is where branded mugs come in. Whether you are simply trying to reconnect with your customers or stay in touch with staff in isolation a branded mug is they way to go.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Promotional Mugs

The one thing that your can say above coffee mugs is that they make for great promotional gifts. It would probably go a long way to explaining why they are so popular in the promotional products industry. After pens and apparel promotional mugs are by far the most popular promotional gift. So why not add promotional gifts to your next promotion. What a great time to reconnect with the world.

Promotional Mugs

Great Promotional Products Combinations

In the world of promotional there are a great deal of possibilities when it comes to product choice. It is this choice which makes planning an event so exciting. The look on your attendees faces when they receive a gift is priceless. Which is why it is so important to choose the right products for the event. That said there are a few products which you can count on to aways hit the mark. So great promotional products combinations are all the rage. Here are a couple you should consider.

Promotional Bags All The Way

One of the most prolific of promotional products is promotional bags. Which bags you gave a huge range which are a treat to use. Depending on the event you have a huge choice when it comes to promotional bags. For most events nice laminated printed paper bags are a good choice. They come in a number of size options from small to large. They are also come in different colours so that you can tailor them to your needs. The best thing about printed paper bags is that they are an inexpensive option when it comes to promotional bags.

Don’t Forget Your Promotional Mugs

Another item to consider when you are looking at great promotional products combinations is promotional mugs. With branded mugs you have an item which you are sure will please everyone. Everyone drinks either coffee or tea so you can never have too many promotional mugs in your cupboard. What a great idea to have people sitting around drinking coffee with you promotional mugs in their hands. It really is a fantastic way to promote your brand. Again it is an easy product to combine with others.

So there you have it. If you are looking to hold an event any time soon then you should consider promotional mugs and promotional bags.


Great Promotional Products Combinations

Great Coffee Mugs For Promotions

Now that winter is upon us finally it is a great time to think about our next promotion. One of the most popular promotional products during this season is coffee mugs. Brand Republic has great coffee mugs which can be incorporated into your winter marketing campaigns. They are a versatile product which offer numerous branding options for your convenience.

Branded Coffee Mugs are Versatile

What makes Branded Mugs so versatile is that there are a number of printing options available which can help you with your choice. Branded mugs can be printed using different branding techniques depending on your requirements. There is everything from simple pad printing and screen printing. For larger logos you can use the wrap around print which goes practically all around the mug. There there is sublimation print for those that require a multicolour logo or photo.

Promotional Mugs Leave a Lasting Impact

The great thing about promotional mugs is that they leave a last impact. Different products come and go but none has the longevity as a coffee mugs. Drinking coffee is not just a trend it is a necessity for some. So you know when you give someone a great coffee mug that they will cherish it for life.

So if you are looking for a great product for your next marketing campaign then look no further.

Consumer Friendly Promotional Gifts

When you are look at purchasing promotional gifts it helps if you look at Consumer Friendly Promotional Gifts. After all you want to make sure that your customers are happy with what you are giving them. The good news is that you have a ton of products to chose from. At Brand Republic we understand promotional products so you know you are in good hands.

Printed Tote Bags

You can’t go wrong with Printed Tote Bags. They are the gift that keeps on giving. I personally have a heap of tote bags which I have collected from trade shows over the years and I still use them. I actually take them with me on the road because I know that at some point I will need to go to a super market and there are no free bags any more. Having a couple of printed tote bags in the boot is a Godsend. I reckon your customers will feel the same way. Even if it is just a tote bag for a trade show event the chances are that they will keep them. So every time they re-use them your customer will be spreading your brand.

Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are another consumer friendly promotional product. With Promotional Umbrellas you know that your customers has a practical use. I can’t imaging that it will stop raining all together any time soon. Even if it is not for protecting one’s self from the rain you can use them against the sun. Indeed promotional umbrellas are great on rainy days and sunny days alike. The best thing is you can also throw them in the boot and forget about them. Then when you need it it’s right there. A better and more cost effective promotional gift you will not find.

Promotional Mugs

Which bring us the the final product in this consumer friendly promotional products series. Our Promotional Mugs are another product which will just keep on giving. Whilst you would throw a ceramic coffee mug in the boot there are other that you could. Think of promotional travel mugs. They are something which when branded with your logo will be well received by your customers. They are sturdy and strong and will last for eons. Keep in mind that they also print well and if you pick a metal one you can laser engrave it. You logo will never rub off then.

Consumer Friendly Promotional Gifts

Consumer Friendly Promotional Gifts