Refresh Your Corporate Wardrobe This Autumn

After a really long summer the winter chill is starting to set it. Well it’s not quite winter yet as we have to get through Autumn but you get my drift. It really has cooled down. What seemed like endless days and night of warm weather has quickly been taken over by chilly mornings and cool days. There is no better time to take a look at your corporate wardrobe. It is a great time to refresh your branding exercise especially after a year when marketing budgets were subdued

Winter Corporate Wardrobe

There is no better time to take a look at your  Corporate Apparel than at the start of a new season. A year is a long time and you can’t expect that all your staff clothing will have survived all those months in their closets. Not to mention that each season brings new trends and you want to be on top of the prevailing fashions. That is why you should take the start of autumn as a chance to plan your corporate apparel for the coming colder months. There is so much out there that would look great on your staff. Your corporate apparel doesn’t have to stop with your staff. You customer will love the opportunity to wear something warm this winter. In fact corporate apparel is one of the best ways to promote your brand.

Corporate Wardrobe

It’s Never Too Cold For T-shirts

I know what you are thinking. Why would you use promotional t-shirt in Autumn. Well the fact of the matter is that in Australia we have really mild weather. Whilst the day might start a bit chilly it tends to get warmer as the day progresses. Also Aussie love to play sports and enjoy the great outdoors. Which is why a Promotional T-shirts should always form part of your marketing campaign. Especially if it a good quality promotional t-shirt like the one’s Brand Republic offer their customers. At Brand Republic we believe in offering customers a good quality item so that you know that it will be in use for years to come. That is why promotional t-shirts should be part of your Corporate Merchandise this autumn.

Promotional t-shirt

Brand Republic are a premium supplier of corporate merchandise and corporate apparel. Feel free to contact our office for additional information and pricing. Let our friendly staff help you plan your corporate apparel and corporate merchandise requirement this autumn and beyond.

Corporate Apparel

Corporate Merchandise For Any Event

One thing is certain which is you should have corporate merchandise for any event. We just had the Melbourne Cup and what a day it was. The sun was shining, the people were out in force and every one was having funny. Events like these draw a lot of attention. There are heaps of attendees and you get a flood of media tending the event also. With something like the Melbourne Cup you also get a lot of corporate attention. First there is all the sponsorship that goes with the even. It might only run for a few minutes but literally the entire nation is there watching the event either live or on TV. There is also the thing about the corporate marques. When you go to the races it is not just about the racing but also about the corporate tents. Companies pay a lot of money to have one as it is a great way to socialise with their customers. Companies actually compete to see who can have the more extravagant marque as they know that people will be talking about then for a long time. So it is no wonder they attendees jostle to see who can get an invite to one of them.

Just as the event is about being there in the first place, another big thing about events like the Melbourne Cup is the corporate merchandise. Indeed one thing that you will see a lot of at these kinds of events is corporate logos. Companies know that they have a captive audience so they are smart enough to be handing out all sorts of corporate merchandise such as promotional apparel and other corporate gifts. Indeed what would an event be without corporate merchandise. The answer to that is nothing. It would be completely and utterly boring. Which is why companies are smart enough to incorporate them into there marketing strategy when attending such events. It is after all a work day (not if you are in Melbourne), so it make sense for people to be representing their work.